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GSU report examines popular ESPLOST as U.S. education secretary mulls school funding

When voters in Atlanta, and Fulton and DeKalb counties, approved a 1 percent sales tax for education last year, they fell squarely within the group of affluent Georgia communities that like what the tax provides – interest-free, pay-as-you-go financing for capital expenses. A new report from Georgia State University outlines challenges that face less affluent communities.

Ala. trade deal with Cuba could impact Georgia port; Fla. balks under pressure from governor

Cuba and Alabama signed a deal Thursday to explore opportunities to grow trade between the state port in Mobile and Cuba. A similar deal planned for two ports in Florida was cancelled following threats by Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott to cut state funding to any state port that signed a deal with Cuba.

Emory faces a balancing act: Historic role in social justice; deportation of students

Emory University is at an interesting junction as academicians explore social issues in an era when President Trump talks about closing borders. Emory’s posture is evident in its rejection of requests to become a “sanctuary campus,” even as Emory hosts an event Wednesday to discuss the history of American civil protest.