MARTA board member Jim Durrett runs fast to keep transit system safe

By Maria Saporta

Sometimes you just have to take things in your own hands.

Jim Durrett

Jim Durrett

That the situation that Jim Durrett, a MARTA board member and executive director of the Buckhead Community Improvement District, found himself in on Saturday morning.

He was waiting for his wife and brother-in-law near the Lindbergh MARTA Station on Saturday morning reading an email on his iPhone. All of a sudden, someone grabbed the iPhone out of his hands and started running.

Durrett, a super well-fit 50-something, bolted after the young man who had stolen his iPhone. He ran barefoot because he had been wearing crocks, Not only did he catch the guy and retrieve his iPhone. Durrett also took a picture of the guy with the very phone that had been grabbed out of his hands.

He contacted MARTA police and showed the them the photo. A short while later, the 16-year-old boy was apprehended — thanks to Durrett’s quick actions.

After the incident, Durrett called and said he wanted to find out more about the teenager to get a better understanding of why he had felt compelled to steal an iPhone. Durrett’s closing sentiment was maybe there was something he could do to help him make better choices in life.

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