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Georgia family with 14 children gives back through basketball fundraiser

On Saturday at 7 pm at St. Pius X Catholic High School gymnasium, you can see a team of local lawyers show up on a different court against a squad of Atlanta doctors with a prescription for winning.

The game, billed as “Jawbones vs. Sawbones,” will be played the weekend before the ACC college basketball tournament in Philips Arena. March Madness kicks off with a bit of March Malpractice.

“I hope their cardiologist brings his paddles,” one lawyer joked in an email.

The game benefits Side by Side Clubhouse, a day program for people who have experienced traumatic brain injury – a population that has swelled with returning troops. Brain injuries have also become more publicized through athletic concussions.
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High Museum educator raises game, career with “The Art of Golf”

Ambitious women in business are often advised to learn to play golf, for greater success in law, banking and such careers. Julia Forbes used her lifelong passion for the sport to move up in the museum world, by curating the new exhibit at Atlanta’s High Museum, “The Art of Golf.” Continue reading

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Off the rollercoaster, Ben Dempsey loses 165 pounds

Ben Dempsey says of his lifelong battle against overeating,

“I had done all kinds of strange diets, like eating tofu straight for six weeks, but when I lost 30 pounds, I would gain 40. At the rate I was going, I would have weighed 420 pounds today.”

From his work in physical therapy, he knew change was possible if he could just slip that elusive mental switch. Continue reading

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Atlanta Falcons, young dancers score points on sheer resolve

The work ethic and energy of the dancers from Moving in the Spirit is remarkable.

Every day they are moving against the tide of childhood obesity, too common in poorer neighborhoods. Their personal work ethic contrasts to the cheating educators in the Atlanta Public Schools, where many of these dancers learn.

Their Holiday Store helps teach them financial literacy and credit lessons that too few of us grasp.
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