Thursday night update: A message aimed at an impatient America

Have I got a deal for you, the nominee said, in so many words. What was remarkable about Donald Trump’s much-awaited nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday night wasn’t how many promises he made — most nomination speeches are chock full of those. Instead it was the blinding speed with which he promised to carry them out.

Summer solstice

Tom Baxter’s column will resume in a few weeks.

Baxter will return well in time to help set the stage for the conventions at which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are expected to be named their party candidates. It’s been a long time coming.

Combating Zika in the age of the shrug

In H.G. Wells’ “The War of the Worlds,” the planet is saved from a Martian invasion in the 11th hour by germs which infect and kill the aliens, causing their hulking death machines to topple. If we don’t watch it, the hulking machines of our republic may eventually meet the same fate.

The year the music died

The passing this year of so many who gave music a creative spark comes at a particularly ominous time. Last year, for the first time ever, golden oldies — more precisely, music that was 18 months old or older, outsold new releases. However much you like Lefty Frizzell or the Stones or Basie, this is not a positive sign.

Georgia Inc. and the consequences of cultural laws

Is it a sin to take advantage of business competitors when they take a controversial moral stand? Maybe so, depending on your morality, but no one is expecting that Georgia will turn away any business fleeing from the states which have passed laws similar to the one halted here by Gov. Nathan Deal’s veto pen.

Demographic decline and the smack-down campaign

Last Friday, as the race for the Republican presidential nomination was descending into a ragged brawl here in the United States, Japan announced that its population had fallen by nearly a million people over the past five years, an unprecedented decline in a time of peace. What’s happening here and what’s happening there have much to do with each other, if we stop to think about it.