Atlanta United Football Club and its supporters are serious about Atlanta’s history

This week, ALLISON HUTTON, of Georgia Humanities, explores the way Atlanta United Football Club is staking a claim on Atlanta’s future by staking a claim on its past.

By Allison Hutton

Atlanta United is doing something very, very right and very, very interesting that has nothing to do with how the team is playing (though wins certainly don’t hurt).

For the want of a floodlight

There are few better examples of the value of long-term planning than Atlanta’s airport. Atlanta did not blindly stumble into its status as an aviation powerhouse; it got there purposefully, thanks to the forward thinking of several Atlanta citizens. And it began with airmail. A byproduct of World War 1 was the significant advancements made […]

Sorry Mayor Reed; cannabis is no “gateway”

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said he believes marijuana (cannabis) is a “gateway drug” that can lead young people to experiment with dangerous narcotics. That theory has been around since the 1970s and is often floated as the rationale for punitive anti-cannabis laws at the national and local level. Although this popular bromide tugs at our heartstrings, it has one major problem: There’s no evidence that it’s true.

How African American voters defeated racist Lester Maddox in the Atlanta mayoral race of 1961

This week, BRADLEY R. RICE, professor emeritus of history at Clayton State University, reflects on racism’s impact on Georgia elections in the 1960s and ’70s.

By Bradley R. Rice

In February Georgia Tech awarded the prestigious Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. At the gala event, the former president remarked that he and Allen had both run for office against Lester Maddox, the notorious segregationist who served as Georgia’s governor from 1967 to 1971. President Carter’s remark brought to mind Atlanta’s contentious 1961 mayoral contest when Allen courageously faced down Maddox and his anti-integration tirades.

New leaders at Morehouse: ‘Time to turn the page’

A new leadership team is in place at Morehouse College as its Board of Trustees elected a new board chairman – Willie Woods; and named William “Bill” Taggart as the interim president.

The trustees, who met in Atlanta on Friday and Saturday, made the leadership changes after a host of reports revealed a fractionalized relationship between the board – in particular its Chairman Robert Davidson – and its president for the past four years – John S. Wilson.

Georgia’s WIN List plans to ‘Grab ‘em by the midterms’ in 2018

By Guest Columnist MELITA EASTERS, founding chair and current executive director of Georgia’s WIN List

As Women’s History Month, with its selected celebrations of women’s achievements in business, education, the arts and even politics drew to a close, women received many reminders in recent weeks of just how much is left to do before the face of power truly changes to one which is more equitable and representative.

Atlanta Press Club’s Loudermilk-Young debate series breaks new ground with 6th district race

From the outset, I must disclose that I co-chair the Atlanta Press Club Debate Committee, a role I’ve held for the past two decades.

On Wednesday night, we had a couple of firsts when we put on a debate with the candidates running for the 6th Congressional District seat most recently held by Tom Price, who was named by President Donald Trump to become the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.