Responding to Trump: Count one, two, three – breathe

By Guest Columnist JEREMY GARLINGTON, an executive leadership consultant who resides in Atlanta

While the contents of this post are political, the intent is apolitical. What does that mean? No axes to grind, no sides left to choose. Only observations that hopefully will lead to better perspective. So others in leadership positions can consider for their own usage.

Public corruption case in DeKalb County, GWCCA lost in din over Atlanta corruption

Federal prosecutors have closed a public corruption case involving more than $100,000 in bribes paid to a public official for contracts that involved millions of dollars in janitorial services for DeKalb County and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority. The sentencing phase in January was overwhelmed in the din over the corruption case involving the city of Atlanta.

ARC hires two new directors – Susan Chana and Sam Shenbaga

The Atlanta Regional Commission has hired two new members to its executive team – Susan Chana and Samyukth Shenbaga.

Effective March 13, Chana will become the regional planning agency’s director of its Center for Strategic Relations, succeeding Julie Ralston, who has just retired after 31 years with the organization.

Shenbaga has been named manager of the agency’s Community Development Division, succeeding Dan Reuter, who recently left the ARC.

The Chillon Project: bringing higher education to Georgia’s correctional facilities

This week, BRENDAN OZAWA-DE SILVA, of Life University shares Life University’s Chillon Project, which brings higher education to correctional facilities in Georgia.

By Brendan Ozawa-de Silva

As most of us know, the United States incarcerates more people than any other in the world, including China. Too often, incarcerated persons are viewed as having nothing to offer society, especially those serving long sentences or sentenced to life imprisonment. The Chillon Project shows that this isn’t true, that education is something that can benefit all — no matter who or where — and that the effects of that education can spread out in unexpected ways.

A vacation paradise on the outskirts of town

One constant that seems to endure no matter how much life changes is the need people feel to “get away.” The vacation is a time-honored tradition that has long been on the minds of Atlanta’s workers. It is as true today as it was in the 1870s when Atlantans discovered a new vacation spot to wash away the memory of the challenges of big city life.

Addressing Georgia’s chronically failing schools

By Guest Columnist DANA RICKMAN, PhD, the director for policy and research at the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education

Last November, Georgia voters rejected a constitutional amendment to establish an Opportunity School District (OSD) that would have created a new state-run district with the authority to step in and manage “chronically failing” schools. At that time, 127 schools were on “the list.” These were schools that received a failing score on the state’s accountability report card three years in a row.

Atlanta Regional Commission’s Julie Ralston retires after 32 years with the agency

For more than 31 years, Julie Ralston has been the communications voice for the Atlanta Regional Commission.

On Feb. 21, she retired as ARC’s director of the Center for Strategic Relations – complete with a state proclamation, slide show of Ralston through the years as well as video, a reception following the organization’s board meeting and a party at Manuel’s.

MGM Resorts’ Bill Hornbuckle makes pitch for a casino resort at DeKalb Chamber lunch

The 79th annual meeting of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce featured Bill Hornbuckle, president of MGM Resorts International, as its keynote speaker.

It was a bit unusual because the state legislature is considering bills that would permit voters to allow casino gaming with a resort – but it is virtually predetermined that the main location would be in Fulton County, state’s most populous county located just west of DeKalb. Of course, the lunch was held at the Georgia Aquarium, which also is in Fulton County.