All electricity used in Atlanta to be generated from renewables by 2035, says Atlanta City Council

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect new language about Georgia Power’s posture on renewable energy. // The Atlanta City Council has resolved that all the electricity used in the city shall be generated through renewable resources by 2035. Advocates said the victory sets the stage for a push to bring the issue of clean energy for transportation into this year’s city elections.

She was fast and reliable

They say it’s the journey, not the destination. And for some in the 1950s and 60s whose destination was Atlanta, the journey was more than mere conveyance, it was, in fact, Southern Tradition. For many, the trip is a lingering memory from childhood. For others, it was just how we lived back in the day, […]

The greatest generation of lawyers and the far-reaching impact of Emory Law School

This week, GARY HAUK, of Emory University, recognizes a generation of great legal minds educated at Emory Law School and the impact they had on Atlanta, Georgia, and the nation.

By Gary Hauk

Recently I have been pondering generational greatness. The phenomenon may not be real, but we at least have inklings of it in history — for instance, the generation of the American Revolution, which included some of the most brilliant, energetic, and far-seeing political leaders our continent has known; or the generation of plutocrats at the turn of the twentieth century, who, for all their apparent greed and frequent lack of compassion, built America’s great industries and left for posterity their massive collections of art, their estates, and their foundations; or the generation that Tom Brokaw termed “the greatest,” which survived the Great Depression and won World War II.

PBS CEO Paula Kerger says federal funding for public broadcasting is critical

The continuation of federal funding for public broadcasting is a matter of survival for several stations across the nation, according to Paula Kerger, president and CEO of the Public Broadcasting Service.

Kerger was the keynote speaker at the Rotary Club of Atlanta Monday, and she gave a special shout out to the two major public broadcasting entities in Georgia – Georgia Public Broadcasting and Public Broadcasting Atlanta.

New Atlanta City Studio opens in Cascade Heights – seeks public engagement

The new Atlanta City Studio location opened Saturday morning in the heart of Cascade Heights – welcoming community residents, engaged citizens and several people running for public office.

The studio – which invites people to weigh in on how Atlanta should grow – is now in its second home. It had been based in northeast Atlanta at the Ponce City Market.

Metro Atlanta Chamber is shifting its future chairs because AT&T’s Glenn Lurie is moving to Dallas

Upon hearing that AT&T is moving some of its executives out of Atlanta, the Metro Atlanta Chamber has had to shuffle its plans for future leadership.

Glenn Lurie, president and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations, was in line to become chairman of the Metro Atlanta Chamber in 2018. But the chair-elect informed the chamber that he is moving to AT&T’s headquarters in Dallas as part of a decision to move about 300 key AT&T leadership personnel out of Atlanta.

Grant Park Gateway Project – a $48 million garage under a park – creates unity in area

The City of Atlanta Tuesday unveiled the plans for the Grant Park Gateway Project – a new parking garage that will be located on the footprint of the existing eight acre parking lot next to Zoo Atlanta along Boulevard Avenue.

The $48 million facility is a 1,000-space parking garage that will look more than a park than a structure for cars. It will address parking demands while reducing traffic congestion and improving overall safety in the area, according to the city’s Media Advisory.

Civil war photography provides clues to Atlanta, then and now

This week, ALLISON HUTTON, of Georgia Humanities, examines Civil War photography of Atlanta for clues about its past.

By Allison Hutton

Those of us keen on Atlanta’s history, particularly its Civil War history, would be glad to see the city receive the full Ken Burns treatment, but we can learn plenty about the city — then and now — from the photos George N. Barnard took of it during its occupation by the Union army.

Terms offered at Turner Field describe community involvement by GSU, developers

The team redeveloping Turner Field announced Monday that it has proposed a long-term agreement to four groups designated to represent the surrounding neighborhood. The team also met, reportedly, with stauncher advocates who have called for greater community involvement from the development team – a demand that has gained some level of support from some Atlanta City Council members.

For sale, the State of Georgia

There are many facets that make up a successful community, city or state, but without question, one of the most important elements, if not the most important element, is people. It’s hard to have a thriving community if nobody’s home. Which was exactly the case for the State of Georgia at the turn of the […]