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You may recall that Dynamic Bundles, LLC is an early-stage software company that focuses on the purchase, sale and sourcing of multiple items. We have been focusing on the platform for interior designers and decorators, home remodelers and builders, and wholesale suppliers of furniture and fixtures. To attack this vertical we are planning to “partner” with Commerce Science Corporation, which is working with ASID to provide each member designer with the ability to operate an e-store. We came to the conclusion that the designers also need to manage their catalogs, facilitate clients’ visualization, understand the economics of running an e-store and manage and price the projects. Recently, we had a great experience with OneSpring, which, in a very intense week, helped us create the screen shots, requirements and specifications for the designer platform. They provided 3-5 professionals, including for user experience. We are submitting the requirements and specifications for bids by software developers.

Our online office supplies company, Group Office Buys ( has been making great strides. Last week I mentioned that its principal challenge is driving revenues. We are excited to announce that our new marketing director will start this week. Our pressing marketing initiative is to mail catalogs to our customers and prospective customers—300 in all—and to send each recipient an email before they receive their catalogs. The catalog covers 40,000 items and is the size of a phone book. So it would be a shame for the recipient to throw it away, rather than forward it to the person in charge of purchasing.

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