Ponce sidewalk

City of Atlanta has opportunity to invest in sidewalks and bicycle paths

It’s a given. The City of Atlanta will go to voters in November to propose an additional half-penny in taxes over the next 40 years for MARTA. That tax alone initially is expected to generate more than $50 million a year.

But the City of Atlanta also has the option to ask voters whether they want to approve another half penny for five years for general transportation projects.

Dobbins, Next phase

Transit Planning 101 for the City of Atlanta: It’s not too late

By Guest Columnist MIKE DOBBINS, professor of the practice of planning at Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture and a former commissioner of planning and community development for the City of Atlanta

Transit is a good. In an ideal world it gets people where they want to go, cleanly, efficiently, and affordably. Transit fills a need. Twenty percent of Atlanta’s citizens are living at or below the poverty line; additionally, a growing percentage of the population doesn’t drive. This might be because they’re too old, too young, or because they simply don’t want to.

Traffic on Downtown Connector

Transit expansion is a simple decision, not a political one, whose time has come

By Guest Columnist JOHN MATTHEWS, a commercial real estate investor and an MBA graduate of Goizueta Business School

A debate seems to still be occurring in Georgia and our legislature about transit versus roads for the Atlanta region.  Still?  It is time for the debate to stop, and it is time to begin implementing solutions. Because the logic of transit is not a subject of debate.

The sum of its parts

It is natural for any city to brag a little about itself … but in Atlanta, boosterism is a way of life. That, however, does not change the fact that there are many things about Atlanta that are worth bragging about. I guess we were just in a little bit of a reflective mood this […]

MARTA train

No more delays – let’s fund MARTA expansion this year

“Delay, delay, delay.” That was presidential candidate Donald J. Trump’s response to President Barack Obama’s forthcoming nomination of a Supreme Court Justice to replace conservative Antonin Scalia.

Transit skeptics in Fulton County and at the state legislature are using the same tactic to shortchange a long overdue MARTA expansion.