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Transit expansion is a simple decision, not a political one, whose time has come

By Guest Columnist JOHN MATTHEWS, a commercial real estate investor and an MBA graduate of Goizueta Business School

A debate seems to still be occurring in Georgia and our legislature about transit versus roads for the Atlanta region.  Still?  It is time for the debate to stop, and it is time to begin implementing solutions. Because the logic of transit is not a subject of debate.


The sum of its parts

It is natural for any city to brag a little about itself … but in Atlanta, boosterism is a way of life. That, however, does not change the fact that there are many things about Atlanta that are worth bragging about. I guess we were just in a little bit of a reflective mood this […]

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No more delays – let’s fund MARTA expansion this year

“Delay, delay, delay.” That was presidential candidate Donald J. Trump’s response to President Barack Obama’s forthcoming nomination of a Supreme Court Justice to replace conservative Antonin Scalia.

Transit skeptics in Fulton County and at the state legislature are using the same tactic to shortchange a long overdue MARTA expansion.

Fulton mayors meet

Fulton’s transportation stance nears consensus despite differences among mayors

Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves has been working for months to build consensus among all the mayors in his county on how to move forward with transportation funding.

At Tuesday’s meeting of Fulton’s mayors and county commissioners, the various political leaders moved a step closer to consensus – with the exception of Alpharetta Mayor David Belle Isle.

Alexis Hyneman bicycle

Let’s design a safer Atlanta for pedestrians and cyclists

Shifting Atlanta from a city centered around cars to one focused on people on foot or bicycles faced a reality-check on Friday.

Alexis Hyneman, a 14-year-old student at Grady High School, lost her young life when a car hit her while she was riding her bicycle Thursday at the super-confusing intersection of 10th Street, Monroe Drive and the Atlanta BeltLine.

MARTA train

Commentary: Time for region to be MARTA smart

Originaly Story on WABE by Maria Saporta

MARTA train

MARTA, which hasn’t had a major expansion plan in decades, would like a 40-year, half-penny sales tax in Fulton and DeKalb counties. (credit Wikipedia)

Here we go again. Another year. Another transportation debate.

This time, Fulton County wants a five-year penny sales tax for transportation.

The idea is gaining steam among the mayors of the various Fulton cities who want new funding — primarily for roads.

The exception is Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, who wants funding to expand the city’s streetcar network — especially along the Atlanta BeltLine.

Meanwhile, MARTA, which hasn’t had a major expansion plan in decades, would like a 40-year, half-penny sales tax in Fulton and DeKalb.  It would help expand rail to Alpharetta, the Clifton Corridor, high-capacity transit to South DeKalb and possible investments in the BeltLine.

Both proposals have valid arguments. But both proposals are headed to a head-on collision where everyone could lose. Even Reed says voters are unlikely to pass both taxes.

There are few options to fund transit since the state constitution restricts gas tax revenues to roads and bridges.

Yet year after year, whenever new taxes are passed, roads get funded and transit gets left behind. One official described it as being “stuck on stupid.”

Let’s be MARTA smart for a change.