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Mark Lannaman

Atlanta Region Transit Link Authority calls for special board of directors meeting

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(Photo via srta.ga.gov.)

The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL) elected new executive director Jannine Miller at a specially-called board meeting on Thursday, Nov. 5.

ATL, along with the State Road & Tollway Authority (SRTA) and Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) were previously served by interim-director Heather Aquino of the Georgia Regional Transit Authority. Chris Thomilson previously headed the three agencies before stepping down early 2022.

Now, Miller will head the Atlanta Regional Transit Link Authority, along with the Georgia Regional Transit Authority and the State Road and Tollway Authority after a vote electing her to the executive director at each agency’s respective board meetings this past week.

Jannine Miller brings decades of experience to the role. Most recently, she has served as the director of planning for the Georgia Department of Transportation — a position she will keep in addition to her new duties. Her appointment was championed by Gov. Brian Kemp, who nominated her for the positions. 

“Jannine Miller is another great public servant who will also now further her statewide impact. She has distinguished herself as a leader in the field of transportation and infrastructure on both the state and national levels,” Kemp said in a press release in late December. 

Before the appointment of Miller, the agency reflected on success in the short few years it has existed and alignment with its mission. These accomplishments include:

  • Adopted two Regional Transit Plans
  • Completion of four annual report and audit documents
  • Completion of the third priority investment list
  • Supported Henry County and Forsyth County in creation of transit master plans
  • Supported Grady Hospital in the development of a transit demand management plan
  • Assumed responsibility from the Atlanta regional Commission of the Regional Transit Asset Management Plan
  • Created the SMART program and made the first match allocations

“The ATL was created by the Georgia General Assembly during the 2018 legislative session to provide coordinated transit planning and funding for the metro Atlanta region. The ATL is responsible for developing the ATL Regional Transit Plan, as well as identifying and prioritizing the projects and initiatives required to develop region-wide transit,” according to the agency’s website.

Williamson spoke of his pride in the fact that the ATL has made such an impact in just a few years and is achieving the goals it set out to achieve.

“We have created the first regional transit authority network that will help guide investments across the region through the Regional Transit Plan,” said Cain Williamson, Chief Planning Officer at Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority. “From a planner’s perspective it’s a pretty big deal and pretty exciting.” 

Beyond adopting two Regional Transit Plans, the agency is hopeful of adopting a third in August, said Williamson. 

The agency looks to continue expanding authority and recognition in the Atlanta region. As of January 1, Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority’s logo, “must be used on any and all MARTA property,” according to HB 9030.

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