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Atlanta’s Extraordinary Talent

By Donya K. Washington, Alliance Theatre Off-site Season Producer
Just when I think the folks who work in production can’t impress me anymore, they do.
This past year, the Alliance Theatre moved from venue to venue while our space was being renovated – no two venues alike, all with different requirements for our production and technical teams.
Take for example Candide – a collaboration with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Yo-Yo Ma performed in the Hall on Saturday night.  Moments after he left the stage, the production crew started bringing in equipment. There were only 24 hours to prepare before Candide’s first rehearsal began.
And for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, starting performances at Atlanta Botanical Garden in September, we’re building a theatre outside. In a garden. Over a pond.
To work out the logistics while trying to execute a designer’s big idea is impressive enough when you can control your environment.  But we’re not in a theatre, and we’re working with Mother Nature. She’s rather unpredictable.
At the Alliance, we’ve come to take these skills for granted.  That this production staff can do this has become normal. But it’s not.  Not even close.
These are the folks you rarely see.  They’re not the ones that take a bow at the end.  So, if you happen to see them at work, give them a round of applause. They deserve it.  
We’re all lucky they call Atlanta home.


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