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Atlanta Civic Circle Housing Affordability

Atlanta’s next mayor could overhaul housing authority leadership. Will some get the axe?

111 Moreland Avenue. (Credit: Google Maps)

Haunted by past lawsuits and leadership strife, Atlanta Housing (AH) has long been admonished by public officials for dysfunction and underachievement. Though the housing authority’s CEO, Eugene Jones, says the agency has stepped up its game since he came aboard two years ago, his job and others could be on the line once voters pick the next mayor.

Mayoral candidate and Atlanta City Councilmember Andre Dickens said, if he’s elected, Jones—among others city officials—will have 100 days to show he means business and deserves to keep his job. Otherwise, he gets the axe.

Dickens told Atlanta Civic Circle that, today, “Gene is definitely the right leader, with his history of actually building complicated projects in Chicago.” But if he wants to stay at AH, Jones will need to fast-track the development of city-owned property, the councilmember said.

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  1. Deanna Smith November 15, 2021 3:30 pm

    These mayoral candidates are talking off the top of their heads. Admittedly, they know nothing about affordable housing especially low-income housing development. What they don’t realize is that housing authorities are multi-million dollar real estate enterprises and it takes a long time to close complicated mixed finance deal to build affordable housing. A word of warning to the candidates, be careful what you wish for. Mayors have had Boards fire professional and highly competent Executive Directors/CEO and ended up with political hacks that drag the agency down very quickly.Report


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