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Cut Amount Needed, Cost of Lighting

In the third of this five-part video series, Paula Vaughan, Co-Director Sustainability for Perkins+Will, showcases some of the sustainable features of the new Perkins+Will office in Atlanta. This office, located at 1315 Peachtree Street, recently received LEED Platinum status with a score of 95. It is the current record holder for a LEED Platinum project in North America under the 2009 version of LEED for New Construction. For an exterior view of 1315 Peachtree Street, please view this video.

When we designed our new office space at Perkins+Will, we completely revisited the way office lighting is typically designed. By working with lighting designer Andrew Beldecos, we found we could cut the amount of lighting we needed and significantly reduce the costs by employing three main strategies.

1. Borrow lighting from other areas
An example of this can be found in our corridors. You might not even notice at first that there are no lights specifically for the corridor, as they seem amply lit. Instead, we borrowed light from the offices and project team room by using glass walls in those spaces. A bonus to this glass is that in addition to allowing light to filter into the corridors, it serves as a writing and drawing space for the offices and project room.

2. Use as much daylight as possible
One of the first things people notice when they enter our offices is the amount of natural daylight streaming in. Our offices were designed to use that light as much as possible to cut down the need for artificial light.

3. Control the amount of artificial lighting used
We installed sensors that measure the amount of daylight coming in. Lights that are closest to the windows will be adjusted so they are practically off, while those more to the interior where there is less natural daylight will be a bit brighter so that the room stays evenly and comfortably lit.


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