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Emory’s Goizueta Business School Launches The Roberto C. Goizueta Global Classrooms

Next Generation Classrooms Elevate Student Experiences and Extend GlobalReach

Emory University’s Goizueta Business School is celebrating the opening of three next generation global classrooms that deliver a truly immersive, dynamic experience to students from anywhere in the world. The fully renovated spaces and innovative technology will connect students with each other and faculty in new ways, elevate classroom experiences, extend global reach, and eliminate the limitations of geography. The initiative was made possible by a transformational gift from The Goizueta Foundation. 

“The goal is not to use digital learning to replace all of our traditional classrooms but to reach a different audience and provide a top-notch educational experience,” said Jaclyn Conner, associate dean for Executive MBA. Conner has been spearheading the teaching innovation efforts. 

This summer, Goizueta’s Executive Education and Executive MBA students will be the first to experience The Roberto C. Goizueta Global Classrooms, which create online and hybrid learning opportunities without sacrificing one-to-one connection.

Goizueta has partnered with X2O Mediaa third-party vendorto power the digital learning platform that drives each of the three global classrooms. With multiple camera angles and state-of-the-art audio, faculty and students will be able to see and hear each other through a wall of 20 to 40 high-definition monitors positioned with each student’s video feed assigned to a monitor, all in a familiar format.  

The new facilities combine the best of digital learning and teaching technology enabling faculty to be highly responsive and flexible with students — through real-time polls that gauge the “temperature of the room,” breakout room options for small group discussion, whiteboard technology, and engagement analytics.  

“The ability to not only adapt but to innovate is critical,” said Nicola Barrett,chief corporate learning officer at Goizueta Business School. “As with other sectors, higher education and executive development is undergoing significant change from new entrants, new technologies, and changing expectations of professionals and organizations.” 

In addition to upgrades to its physical space, Goizueta Business School is further innovating by incorporating hologram-like technology that will allow professors to bring in guest speakers from all over the world – connecting students to the best and brightest experts. The university is launching “pop-up” classrooms that will allow virtual visits to cities like Shanghai and Rome where faculty can deliver “in-person” instruction without the carbon footprint and expense of travel. Further, the institution is harnessing the power of virtual reality to immerse students and leading business professionals in real-world experiences- like crisis management and negotiations – allowing professors to insert unexpected challenges throughout the training and test business decisions, leadership behaviors, change management, and communication strategies. 

“Goizueta will continue to deliver world-class educational experiences and opportunities for our students, said Karen Sedatole, Interim Dean for Goizueta Business School. “Through this new technology and our overall teaching innovations, we are preparing principled leaders to have a positive impact on business and society.” 

To find out more about The Roberto C. Goizueta Global Classrooms, visit https://www.emorybusiness.com/2021/04/28/the-future-is-now-goizuetas-digital-learning-innovations-to-enhance-student-experience-strengthen-global-reach/.


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