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Georgia AG opposed to federal crackdown on parental free speech

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr is part of a national group of attorneys general calling the federal government’s crackdown on harassment of school officials an unlawful infringement of parental free speech.

The move comes as the federal government tries to crack down on harassment and violence against school officials, mostly from parents reacting to the implementation of such controversial ideologies such as Critical Race Theory. CRT is an academic concept that teaches children about American history through the lens of race relations.

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  1. Dana Blankenhorn October 26, 2021 10:25 am

    Wait a minute. Harassing public officials is now free speech? Really? How about if liberals do it? Betcha a dollar Carr would crack down hard. I am so sick of everything becoming a political issue, a choice between liberalism and fascism, but that’s where we are.Report


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