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Get set for action-packed redistricting

Members of the Atlanta Delegation at the North Atlanta Town Hall on Redistricting on Oct. 19, 2021 (left to right): state Rep. Becky Evans (District 83); state Rep. Stacey Evans (District 57); state Rep. Erick Allen (District 40), state Sen. Sonya Halpern (District 39); state Rep. Shea Roberts (District 52); state Sen. Jen Jordan (District 6); state Sen. Nan Orrock (District 36) state Rep. Betsy Holland (District 54). Photo taken by Tammy Joyner

Some of metro Atlanta’s top lawmakers gathered with constituents this week to discuss the arrival of Georgia’s long-awaited redistricting season.

The pandemic and delays in census data already has this redistricting season running months behind schedule. Tech-savvy map-drawers and lawmakers will set about reshaping Georgia’s political landscape next month. It promises to be a session filled with twists, turns, pitfalls and acrimony. Once the political lines are set for the next decade, some lawmakers may find themselves drawn out of their districts and unable to run. Others will be pitted against peers in their own party in a political gambit where only one can emerge the winner.

It’s expected to be a redistricting season unlike any other.

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