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Heroes Train Here

By Atlanta Technical College

We find ourselves in a time that rivals the challenges of the Great Depression and the anxiety brought on by the Great Recession. With the current downturn in our economic landscape, our communities are in a moment of vulnerability—a moment when the silver lining of hope seems a little more unobtainable. It is good to know that there are heroes among us.

Over the last nine weeks, more than 38 million Americans filed for unemployment as the world faced off against an invisible threat. Many of those people who found themselves at a professional crossroads due to layoffs, furloughs, and dramatic loss of wages, have utilized this time to recalibrate their personal pursuit of happiness and redefine the fundamental foundation of their lives beyond the current health crisis. 

Atlanta Technical College (ATC) has answered this challenge by waiving entrance exams requirements and application fees to support a ready and willing workforce. In recent weeks, ATC has experienced a surge of interest in “pandemic proof” careers; with double and even triple-digit percentage gains in enrollment for those hero occupations that tend to be most resilient against the toughest economic scenarios.

As ATC sheltered in place, to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly implemented a remote learning approach that provides students and staff with an innovative, technology-driven solution to create a virtual classroom – allowing students to remain highly engaged in their respective courses. Even with a revised learning approach, our summer semester is registering strong enrollment numbers and an increase in application submissions, with many students aligning their professional futures with in-demand and essential careers.  

Preparing the next generations of heroes for the workforce is what we do at ATC by empowering our students to become leaders, innovators, and trailblazers in their respective fields. As our days slowly return to a newly realized level of normal and the fanfare around our frontline workers gradually fades, there remains a sense of uncertainty that makes it difficult for most to see beyond our country’s current reality. What has been proven through these trying and uncertain times is that our region, state, and nation rely on those essential careers.

Now more than ever, technical careers have taken center stage as our nation collectively celebrates the men and women who keep our economy moving, both literally and figuratively.  

From logistics to supply chain to HVAC and healthcare services, ATC has more than 50 years of experience preparing our heroes for essential careers on the frontlines. For us, these professions and the nearly 150 additional career paths provided at ATC, are celebrated every day.  

To the heroes on the frontline – Thank You!  To our future heroes, we are prepared and we look forward to being your training partner.  Atlanta Technical College – Heroes Train Here!   

Interested in finding out more about exciting technical careers offered at Atlanta Technical College? Click here for more information. 

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