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Mudslides in Sierra Leone


Charles Redding

by Charles Redding, CEO and President of MedShare

During the Ebola crisis in West Africa in 2014, MedShare sent more than $2.4 million worth of medical aid to Sierra Leone. Healthcare professionals in the country were fighting for the lives of their patients without the tools they needed to save them – until medical donations through MedShare arrived. MedShare was able to air-lift lifesaving Personal Protective Equipment that allowed doctors, nurses, and aid workers to treat patients safely without spreading the disease further. 

But Sierra Leone is in crisis again. Hundreds of bodies have washed up following the flooding and mudslides that occurred on August 14th, with hundreds more still missing.

Hospitals and health posts are scrambling to treat those injured during the disaster, but the flooding has cut off facilities from regular supplies. With the number of injured on the rise and an increased risk of cholera and other waterborne diseases threatening the health and safety of survivors, healthcare facilities in the devastated areas will need essential medical supplies immediately – and you can help them. Your donation ensures that patients can be treated, healthcare professionals can care for more people, and families can begin to rebuild following this tragedy.

MedShare’s long-standing partnership with healthcare communities in Sierra Leone and our proven track record responding to disasters in West Africa will make our response rapid and efficient, but your donation will make it impactful. During the Ebola crisis, Alpha Jabbie, National Coordinating Director of the National Association of Sierra Leoneans, said, “MedShare is one of the unsung heroes of this epidemic, quietly making a difference, way ahead of the formal international response.” Together, we can be those heroes once again. Donate today: http://www.medshare.org/medshare-responds-in-sierra-leone/

Photo above: Aid workers in Sierra Leone protected themselves and their patients by wearing Personal Protective Equipment donated by MedShare during the Ebola crisis. The supplies and equipment we sent during the epidemic and in the years since has built health system capacity that is enabling healthcare professionals to treat more patients in the wake of the devastating mudslides.


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