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  1. Avatar
    Judy McCabe Smith May 28, 2020 10:11 am

    First of all, you need to know your “Contact” link at the bottom of your webpage does not work. I could find no way to contact you all until I scoured Google to finally find this page (if this is a working page??).

    I wanted to respond to Maggie Lee’s article yesterday, 5/27/20, where she stated,, “Fulton Election Director Rick Barron told reporters Wednesday that ballots are en route and voters can check and see when their ballot was mailed by going to the state’s My Voter Page website.”

    In fact, this does not seem to have happened. I checked My Voter Page again this morning and three of us still have not had our applications processed. So I called a Fulton County voter phone number that someone had posted on our local NextDoor forum, (404) 612-7060, and I got a very responsive person who checked and told me that she could see that our applications were NOT processed and instructed us to forward our applications to her and she would personally process it and also get back to us with a confirmation.
    Something is very wrong here in Fulton County.





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