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    ATLpeace says:

    Greetings from Atlanta: City of Peace.
    Hello Mr. Jordan.
    Your photo montage of this historic event is VERY inspiring. Photography is a fine field of artistic expression and, tragically, its value is often overlooked. The ARTS, in general, build the health of communities and by default the health of our entire Global Family (what Dr. King called “the Beloved Community”).

    It is imperative that ARTS are supported. May we all remember the wisdom of Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the 2006-Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (and also official part-time resident of Atlanta). On August 28, 2010 – “I Have A Dream” Anniversary – I had the honor of meeting Dr. Yunus in Atlanta and for those who doubt the value of the ARTS, consider what he stated in his speech that day:

    “For social structure,
    the arts and culture
    are the cure.”Report


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