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    mariasaporta says:

    The historic Paschals is one of Atlanta’s greatest treasures. If we do not preserve and restore it – preferably with its legacy hotel and restaurant – it will be one of the greatest travesties in Atlanta’s history – on the order of losing the Carnegie Library and the Peachtree Arcade. Clark-Atlanta University has an opportunity to lead the revitalization of that stretch of Martin Luther King Jr. by sensitively championing the restoration of this landmark. Come on Atlanta. We can do this.Report

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    Burroughston Broch says:

    mariasaporta  The Paschals didn’t care enough to preserve or restore it. The neighborhood doesn’t care enough to keep graffiti and posters off it and litter off the sidewalk.
    Now, tell me why it is one of Atlanta’s great treasures and why lots of money should be spent to restore and maintain it in an obviously uncaring neighborhood. It would become yet another money pit like the NASCAR museum in Charlotte.Report


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