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  1. letmesaythis says:

    I’ve never heard this 4 way intersection referred to as “the FOX Triangle” in all of my days.
    Did you make this up?
    Who uses this phrase?
    Can you site this phrase in several books or magazines?
    Are you an amateur historian in the practice of inventing local vernacular?Report

  2. RobAugustine says:

    letmesaythis  Actually, the Fox Triangle is memorialized in the street intersection at Ponce and Peachtree. I have photos of the commemoration which I will post. Obviously, “letmesaythis” you haven’t checked the reality that exists on the wondrous streets of Atlanta. And, had I the opportunity, I would gladly invent as much local vernacular as I could. However, this Fox Triangle has been around for over a hundred years.Report

  3. RobAugustine says:

    letmesaythis  I see someone already posted a link to the website that details the Fox Triangle. See above post. BTW, just imagine that streetcar headed out Peachtree making its angled turn there at the Fox Triangle on the way out Ponce de Leon to the Springs. Can’t you hear the conductor and see the people on board enjoying the ride!Report

  4. letmesaythis says:

    @Facts Are Fun
    That citation will work – technically not Chicago Style but it will due. 

    So to clarify your sentence, the ‘triangle’ refers to the curb traffic triangle created by the curve of the old street car tracks and NOT the 4 way intersection of Peachtree & Ponce.Report

  5. Burroughston Broch says:

    Obviously the architects chosen moniker was dropped as quickly as Izzy was dragged out of town after the 1996 Olympic Games.
    I looked at the old streetcar maps and the tracks ran N-S along Peachtree and E-W along Ponce, east of Peachtree. The Ponce tracks did not cross Peachtree.Report


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