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SaportaReport: Unique visitors increase 499 percent in one year!

Unique Visitors in January 2011

Readership of saportareport.com has grown steadily over the past year. At the start of 2011, the site had just 3,654 unique visitors. Over the last year, we’ve tracked a steady increase of both unique visitors and visits to the site.

January 2012 was our biggest month yet. We added political commentator Tom Baxter as a regular columnist and launched two new sections: “Moments” – as well as Thought Leadership.

The first, “Moments,”  is a video blog profiling well-known and not so well-known Atlantans. In January, Shirley Franklin, Sam Massell, Clark Howard and BeltLine visionary Ryan Gravel shared moments that changed their lives forever and helped change Atlanta.

Thought Leadership debuted with five topics on January 24. In the two weeks prior to the launch, SaportaReport was averaging about 9,800 page views a week. After Thought Leadership began, page views increased to 10,433. January 30, the date of the second Thought Leadership posting, saw the largest spike in readership in a single day: 2,763 unique visitors.

Unique Visitors in January 2012

SaportaReport had 21,904 unique visitors in January-a 499% increase from 2011.

New and Returning Visitors in January 2012

The number of new visitors to the site grows each month, along with returning visitors. The word about SaportaReport is spreading, and we anticipate continued growth. January 2012 was our biggest month ever … at least, it will be until the end of February.

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