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Sprout Space Becomes a Reality

A rendering of the interior of a Sprout Space

A rendering of the interior of a Sprout Space

Every aspect of the Sprout Space classroom was designed with the goal of enhancing student learning. The design incorporates green building strategies that eliminate energy costs, create a healthier learning environment, and reduce construction costs.

Sprout Space has a threefold mission: to provide healthy, sustainable, and flexible spaces for students to learn. Currently, more than 7.5 million children are being taught in temporary classrooms. Perkins+Will’s goal in creating Sprout Space is to use the firm’s institutional experience and design thinking to address issues associated with temporary classrooms. These issues include lack of local educational resources and declining test scores nationwide. Perkins+Will is addressing these issues by redesigning the classroom from the inside out to produce a new generation of affordable modular classrooms for the 21st century.

For a short video of the beginning of the installation process of Sprout Space at the National Building Museum, click here.

— By Allen Post

For more information on Sprout Space, please visit our website at www.sproutspace.com

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