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Summer solstice

Tom Baxter
Trumps, Clintons, 2

Tom Baxter’s column will resume in a few weeks.

Trumps, Clintons, 2

Bill and Hillary Clinton helped newlyweds Donald and Melania Trump celebrate their nuptials Jan. 22, 2005 at The Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla. Credit: Maring Photography/Getty Images/Contour by Getty Images via bloomberg.com

Baxter will return well in time to help set the stage for the conventions at which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are expected to be named their party candidates. It’s been a long time coming.

Clinton announced her candidacy April 12, 2015. Trump announced his candidacy June 16, 2015.

The Republican National Convention, in Cleveland, is slated from July 18 to July 21.

The Democratic National Convention, in Philadelphia, is slated from July 25 to July 28.

While Baxter’s away, enjoy his previous columns.


Tom Baxter
Tom Baxter

Tom Baxter has written about politics and the South for more than four decades. He was national editor and chief political correspondent at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and later edited The Southern Political Report, an online publication, for four years. Tom was the consultant for the 2008 election night coverage sponsored jointly by Current TV, Digg and Twitter, and a 2011 fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas. He has written about the impact of Georgia’s and Alabama's immigration laws in reports for the Center for American Progress. Tom and his wife, Lili, have three adult children and seven grandchildren.


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