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King is a multimedia documentary film director and author based in Atlanta, Georgia. A former intern, turned assistant of film director Spike Lee; Williams has now focused his attention to his upcoming directorial debut ‘The Atlanta Way: A Documentary on Gentrification’ this fall.

Also, Williams is an Associate Producer on the upcoming Sara Burns (the daughter of famed documentarian Ken Burns)/Dave McMahon’s late 2018/19 documentary ‘East Lake’ on East Lake Meadows.

In addition, Williams has given lectures at several universities including Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Georgia Tech, University of Alabama School of Journalism and Emory University. Williams has also given lectures for Teach For America, C5 Georgia Youth Foundation, Atlanta Beltline and for the TEDx brand. Williams is also the co-host, ‘The Neighborhood Watch Podcast’ a podcast on gentrification, urbanism and culture with Dr. Renee Skeete of the CDC.

He is currently working on two novels ‘What To Do When Approaching’, A novel within a novel on finding your path and artistic voice in media and ‘The Gentrification Handbook’ a study guide for gentrification, both books are illustrated by Sara Vogt.

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