Our Pledge to Readers

Because the world of journalism and communications is ever changing with new channels and ways to deliver information, we want to maintain as much transparency as possible.
 We will strive to maintain high journalistic standards and will disclose any vested interests or relationships in stories and columns on saportareport.com.

Advertising and Thought Leadership positions are being sold on the site, but there will be no quid-pro-quo that advertisers and sponsors will receive special treatment on the site. But it is highly likely that some of our sponsors and advertisers on the site would have views parallel to ours. To keep the line between advertising and editorial content separate, Sharmen and Jeff will handle the selling of ads and Thought Leadership positions on the site.

Our Story

Our Mission: Civic Journalism

For Atlanta to succeed, we must have a factual, nonpartisan, publicly accessible source of news, information and discussion about the region’s future. SaportaReport aims is to be that source.

SaportaReport, founded in February 2009, is a trusted voice in metro Atlanta. Through the years we have become Atlanta’s authoritative civic website. Our readers are engaged in Atlanta’s most pressing issues and want to hear directly from leading companies and nonprofits in the region. We give those organizations a platform to share their messages and interact with informed Atlantans.