State parties fade in influence as politics becomes more stratified

In the old days, legendary campaign reporters were famed for their Rolodexes, crammed with the numbers of local party bosses and politicos who knew the political pulse of their states. Today, if you wanted to reach someone at the South Dakota Democratic Party, you’d have to do so online. Not all state parties have gone virtual, but all face a test of their relevance.

Brick by brick

If you could leave a message, knowing that it would be seen for years to come, what would you say? Thousands of people took just that opportunity before the 1996 Olympic Games came to Atlanta. What they chose to say – and how they said it – is the subject of this week’s Stories of […]

Westside Park, surrounding communities at a critical juncture, deserve 'complete' leadership

By Guest Columnist NICK STEPHENS, an Atlanta writer and parks advocate

Earlier this year, over 15 years after it was first proposed, construction on the Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry finally began. The promise of the huge greenspace has been spurring private development nearby. As the area prepares to undergo dramatic rapid change, community activists have been raising concerns, with one major project recently arousing controversy.


Column: Atlanta set to host Smart City Expo, will explore 'inclusive economy'

When Aarti Tandon was looking for the right city to anchor an annual “Smart City Expo” in the United States, she settled on Atlanta.

“We felt Atlanta was the ideal market to hold this conference,” said Tandon, co-founder and CEO of Smart City Expo Atlanta, a spin-off of the world-renowned Smart City Expo World Congress that’s been held in Barcelona since 2011.