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After 25 years and more than $800 million in giving, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation has committed to significantly accelerating the impact of our philanthropy. The Board is embarking on a journey of deeper learning and strategy setting for its new collective areas of giving: Youth Development, Democracy and the Environment.

The Blank Family Foundation will continue our enduring commitment to the issues that our founder and chairman cares deeply about, including the Westside Atlanta transformation, mental health and wellbeing, veterans and the military, and stuttering, among others.

Across these portfolios, the Blank Family Foundation will look for opportunities to address the growing crisis of disconnection in our nation. Geographically, much of the work will continue to prioritize Georgia (with a focus on Atlanta) and Montana, while also considering the potential for greater national impact and influence.

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  1. Ann Carter August 23, 2022 7:23 pm

    My Husband & I literally OWN our home in the Suburbs of Atlanta, GA. The both of us are disabled! Our plan before COVID was to sale our home & DOWN SIZE to a RANCH HOME with LESS
    LAND, preferably in a SENIOR DESIGNED COMMUNITY! Well our Realtor has advised that those type of properties & communities are not a MUST in the Atlanta AREA, however this is a MUST NEED SUBJECT for many Atlanta Seniors! It’s possible for us to stay where we are in
    a TRILEVEL HOME, If we could afford to BUILD A RAMP from the OUTSIDE, HOWEVER WE NEED a STAIRLIFT TO THE FIRST FLOOR which is most of the LIVING AREA OR AN ELEVATOR, which is not feasible! The basement floor is the Utility room for the washer/dryer! I haven’t seen this floor for over 3years! Also the wood to build a ramp is too expensive! I’ve been on a waiting list just to receive some physical help to DECLUTTER/DOWN SIZE my belongings!
    I’m placing this COMMENT SECTION IN HOPES THAT WE CAN RECEIVE ASSITANCE! My SENIOR YEARS CREEPED UP ON ME TOO FAST! Unfortunately I was injured & found myself DISABLED & could no longer work, therefore retirement backfired on me & now the same for my husband!
    I’m PRAYING 🙏🏻 & HOPING after me posting my comments, I will receive information that will assist me on this NEXT JOURNEY!!Report


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