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The Super Bowl is here

By: King Williams In the last 25 years Atlanta has hosted the big game two times, and we are on the eve of hosting our third. Each our Super Bowl eras has marked a different phase of Atlanta. In 1994, Atlanta was on the rise nationally and globally. In full swing of preparation for the […]

After a bruising campaign, Kemp promises “a state united” in inaugural speech

The Georgia governors of another day would have been confounded if told that in the future, people would watch an inauguration speech on their phones. The technology would puzzle them, of course, but also the idea that many people would be interested enough to do such a thing. Streaming has become commonplace, however, and after the closest and most divisive governor’s race of modern times, Brian Kemp’s first speech as governor Monday at Georgia Tech’s McCamish Pavilion was watched more closely than most.

The dragon that reaches out and grabs you

Roger Babson is the founder of the Gravity Research Foundation, an organization with the stated purpose of studying, understanding and, ultimately, harnessing the force of gravity. It was the childhood drowning of his older sister in a river near Gloucester, Massachusetts that sparked Babson’s life-long interest in finding a way to control the effects of […]

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Latest Reports

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