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Atlanta police to use body cameras properly or face fines, penalties, chief says

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields says she knows officers aren’t using their department-issued body cameras properly. That’s why she called for a city audit of camera usage and is implementing what she called a “straight forward” set of policies about how cameras are to be used and videos to be stored – to be followed by stiff penalties for rule-breakers.

Viewed from the far side of the moon, shutdown doesn’t seem so important

The shutdown, which entered its 31st day Monday, overshadows every other news story in the United States right now. As the decades roll on, however, this month will be much more likely to be remembered for a spectacular scientific and technical milestone: the landing, on the far side of the moon, of a lunar lander and rover named after a Chinese moon goddess and her pet rabbit.

Building for the times

It’s no secret that in Atlanta far too many of our older buildings have had a limited lifespan. There is no better example of our penchant for replacing the old with the new than along Atlanta’s most famous thoroughfare. We examine the transformation of one downtown intersection on this week’s Stories of Atlanta.

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The Super Bowl is here

By: King Williams In the last 25 years Atlanta has hosted the big game two times, and we are on the eve of hosting our third. Each our Super Bowl eras has marked a different phase of Atlanta. In 1994, Atlanta was on the rise nationally and globally. In full swing of preparation for the […]

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