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Housing Takes the Lead in Economic Recovery

Housing is leading the way in the economic recovery because of the ripple effect it’s creating for corporations. The Wall Street Journal reported the phenomenon and explained how many corporations have reported increased sales and earnings as an effect of the housing market picking back up. “While the incoming data continue to be mixed, evidence […]

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Avoid Being a Victim of Mortgage Fraud

Just this week a federal judge sentenced a former Auburn attorney to nearly four years in prison for mortgage fraud. James Boyd Douglas Jr. handled mortgage refinancings and real estate closings and was found guilty of embezzling $2.3 million from clients. An Atlanta area woman and her brother ran a real estate scam in Baldwin County […]

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Consumer Will Benefit From Simpler Mortgage Disclosure Form

For more than 35 years, two federal laws (the Truth in Lending Act or “TILA,” and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act or “RESPA”) have required lenders and settlement agents to give consumers who take out a mortgage loan separate but overlapping disclosure forms regarding the loan’s terms and costs. This duplication has long been […]

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Basel III To Change Mortgage Landscape

The mortgage industry has undergone many significant changes as a result of the financial crisis. One of the less known pending changes is about to take its final form and in its current draft Basel III will increase consumer costs and reduce consumers’ choice of mortgage providers. Basel III requires that a bank must maintain common […]