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A model airplane club defends the Atlanta forest, but is targeted by destructive protests

Protesters destroyed the Atlanta Radio Control Club's furniture and used it to erect a barricade at the Inntrechment Creek Park land last summer, according to a club member. (Photo courtesy of Shawn of the Atlanta Radio Control Club.)

By John Ruch

As controversy over the “Defend the Atlanta Forest” protest movement escalates into terrorism charges and civil liberties infringements, you’d be forgiven for having no idea that a big piece of it revolves around model airplanes.

For a half-century, the Atlanta Radio Control Club has flown high-end, remote-controlled model aircraft on a miniature airfield – complete with a paved runway – at DeKalb County’s Intrenchment Creek Park. The club was there for decades before the County swapped the parkland with movie studio executive Ryan Millsap in a controversial and lawsuit-triggering deal, and it is a major blockade to any redevelopment. It was there before protesters arrived from near and far to obstruct the swap in a movement that expanded to include Atlanta’s even more controversial plan for a public safety training center in a neighboring forest. And it tried to live alongside those protesters before the detente soured amid property destruction.

Shawn, a club member who did not want his last name published, expressed some sympathy for the goals of the local lawsuit challenging the land swap. He said that when protesters showed up to live in tree houses as civil disobedience, the club went with a live-and-let-live approach.

“We said, ‘We’re gonna remain neutral in this,’” he said. “We didn’t feel any need to get into the politics. We just want to fly. We’re just a bunch of old men. We want to fly.”

The tree-sitters indeed coexisted with airplane hobbyists for months. The peace broke last summer, Shawn said, when protesters demolished the club’s airplane tables and carports worth thousands of dollars and used the debris as a blockade to Millsap’s redevelopment work.

The protesters could have been “good neighbors, and honestly they failed at that,” he said. “They’re not neighbors anymore. This is the War of the Roses.”

Defending the forest

The club’s role is one of many crucial on-the-ground details that have been lost or suppressed in the heat of the debates. Members have not told their own stories because of fear of retribution from the faction of protesters who have tossed Molotov cocktails, burned a contractor’s truck and written menacing graffiti about cops and developers. Fear now pervades local discussions to the point that no one in this column wanted to be named fully or at all to avoid trouble — mostly with protesters, partly with the law.

Gov. Brian Kemp and state and Atlanta police have spoken of the protest movement in broad strokes as a criminal organization of outsider terrorists. Various protesters have said that’s a false accusation designed to chill free speech and that they are part of a movement of unorganized individuals, not a group, with peaceful intent to oppose environmental destruction and support police reform or abolition. All of that leaves unclear who exactly is doing the destructive parts or even who to ask. Email addresses used for anonymous press releases for Defend the Atlanta Forest and Stop Cop City events did not respond to contact requests. There is also the possibility that undercover police or other agent provocateurs are involved, a tactic long used by the FBI and police agencies nationwide.

For locals like the model aircraft club, nuances of motive aren’t as important as the impact of a threatening atmosphere and property destruction. “We’ve been catching hell here left and right,” said Shawn, adding the club’s membership has plunged from around 100 to around 20. “Because nobody wants to come here unless you come here in pairs. You don’t know what you want to be confronted with.”

Why not fly somewhere else in the meantime? That’s not easy because flying model airplanes is highly regulated to avoid conflicts with real aircraft or radio communications. In fact, Shawn said there are very few places available in DeKalb to do it.

That’s why the club’s airfield at 1600 Constitution Road – created under an ancient handshake agreement with the County – is a little-known sticking point in any redevelopment of the former parkland. A major part of the deal is simultaneous replacement elsewhere of any amenities lost from the former park – but the airfield is virtually impossible to replace locally.

Shawn said he thinks the lawsuit against the swap – filed by the South River Forest Coalition and the South River Watershed Alliance – has “probably legitimate arguments.” And while the club is now in conflict with protesters, the ironic backdrop is the airfield is playing a key role in literally preventing any redevelopment.

When asked about that status making the group a de facto form of forest defender, Shawn said, “We are. We truly are…. Basically yes, we are the defenders of the forest, unofficially. We just don’t have to fight for it. We just have to wait.”

That made the attempt to coexist with the self-proclaimed forest-defending protesters a bit easier at first, even if the club had some suspicions about them being outsiders or using pseudonyms. “We call them the tree people. We don’t know what else to call them,” Shawn said. “In all honesty and reality, we’re helping the tree people without helping them.”

Protester relations

The relationship had friction points, like protesters camping on the airfield and leaving behind some out-of-state IDs, Shawn said. Another factor is the model aircraft’s propensity for crash landings in the forest. The task of hunting down the expensive vehicles – Shawn calls them “big-boy toys” that can cost thousands of dollars apiece – was suddenly complicated by the presence of tree-sitting protesters. Shawn said the club was advised to start giving protesters, known by such names as Windjammer, a heads-up.

“I have to text somebody and say, ‘Hey, we lost a plane in the woods,’” he said. “One of the main organizers, I have to text him… And I’m like, why do we have to get permission to go into the woods to get our planes?”

On some of those searches, he said, club members were “chased out” of the woods by protesters advising them to leave, found tripwires, and may have had 2-by-4 boards tossed at them from tree houses, though he said there were no direct physical threats. He said the message requirement, as well as some requests to donate to fundraising, made him believe there is in fact an organized group involved.

“They claim that they don’t have any leadership” when the club tried to negotiate on friction points, he said. “[But] if I have to call somebody to get permission to go into the woods that I can legally go into, that means you have an organization, that means you have a chain of command. … There’s an alpha male. There’s an alpha somewhere.”

That perception was reinforced, he said, when a plaintiff in the land swap lawsuit became a go-between for the club and the protesters in arranging the plane-hunting trips. He declined to name that plaintiff, saying he’s not out for “revenge.”

The attorney representing the local plaintiffs did not respond to a comment request. But a source familiar with the negotiations said there is indeed no organization and that acting as a go-between merely involved connecting with randomly encountered tree-sitters who came and went, and who sometimes themselves spoke of conflicts with younger and more destructive visitors. “It’s part of the power of that movement that they’re autonomous, but it’s also a frustration that you can’t nail anybody down on anything when you have a problem,” the source said.

The club certainly had a problem last July when protesters suddenly blockaded the airfield entrance – and demolished club structures to do it. The protesters tore down carport shelters that were several years old as well as tables used to set up aircraft. Some of those tables had just been built at a cost of $8,000, Shawn said. Some pieces of the furniture ended up in the tree houses as well, he said.

A destroyed carport was among the furniture used by protesters to barricade the site. (Photo courtesy of Shawn of the Atlanta Radio Control Club.)

Shawn said the destruction appeared to be retribution after protesters had requested access to the airfield’s parking lot for events for a “week of action.” He said the club told protesters they could not give permission because they believed the County controlled the lot. The club did not block the lot from access and avoided scheduling its own events at that time, he added.

The anonymous source familiar with the situation said that protesters may have incorrectly blamed the club for Millsap’s contractors using the airfield entrance to bring in a bulldozer for one of the controversial rounds of plowing that apparently were aimed at undermining the trespassing protesters.

The barricade included a direct insult at the club, Shawn said, with a sign reading, “Welcome, un-remote controllable.”

“I’m like, are you serious?” said Shawn of his reaction. “I thought we had a good relationship with them, but I must have been wrong. …You want us to jump through hoops and you don’t want to do anything for us.”

Those hoops included being photographed and questioned by protesters when entering the airfield, Shawn said. “You had to go through their checkpoint, which was worse than a military checkpoint, just to get into the park,” he said.

Shawn said another factor in the destruction may have been that one member spoke to the press and had protester signs posted in his yard. The club saw that as intimidation.

“We sort of knew … they’d be at your house or they’d post your personal stuff on a website or something like that,” he said.

Thus, the club did not seek to retaliate in any way, Shawn said. A question, of course, is why the task force of federal, state and local police patrolling the area did not clear out the protesters until a mid-December raid that involved the terrorism charges. A source familiar with the property said many locals have been frustrated with the delay and that word is the County police department was a holdout on such confrontation.

Shawn said the club also wondered about the lack of a police raid and twice requested, but failed to get, meetings with DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond. But even now, he said, his own view is shaded by his experience that many of the protesters are not locals, a factor also emphasized by police agencies as a political narrative, and the expansion of protests to include the training center issue.

“My whole thing was, why would you let a bunch of people from out of state take over your county?” Shawn said. “I was like, if they were local, then let ’em be.”

He’s also concerned about the potential for more destruction or violence. “The key word is ‘defend the forest,’” he said. “Well, if you’re defending something you’re going to use some sort of violence.”

The impacts are already severe on his group, he said, which continues to show up for some flying, but is losing members and skipping its annual “fly-in” event for newcomers and statewide enthusiasts. He said the overall parkland – which is still used by the public despite the controversial swap – is also suffering a loss of regular visitors. Protesters, however, established what they call the Weelaunee People’s Park there and host public events.

“This is worse than the pandemic,” said Shawn. “At least in the pandemic you saw people out walking their dog… Now it’s completely dead.”

Shawn said he’s talking publicly now out of sheer frustration. He spoke in terms of a protest movement that is losing some hearts and minds locally due to destructive tactics.

“We’ve been walking on eggshells… but it gotten to point that I’m breaking the eggshells,” he said. “We’ve been very nice. We’ve been polite… and you still want to play with us?

“We’re not trying to down them, but now we’ve got to the point of, we don’t care about you anymore,” he continued. “We went from being neutral to we’re totally against what you’re doing because you’re not doing it right.”



  1. Nick January 10, 2023 10:47 am

    The angle missing from this piece is that Atlanta R/C is a place fathers and their children have been going to enjoy the hobby together for generations. I take my own children there and continue to do so. We won’t let these protesters infrindge on that enjoyment. My 8 year old son cried when he saw they had rebuilt the balcony. I hope they are proud of that. The club has no dog in this fight at all. We’re happily staying neutral as long as we can continue to enjoy our hobby.Report

  2. Brad VP ARC January 10, 2023 11:22 am

    The Atlanta RC Club has been invited guests on the property for a diverse collective of aviation-minded community members which has exited since 1968. We are the last RC club inside the perimeter, and we are a model of diversity and inclusion. We’ve hosted events for local schools highlighting aviation and physics-of-flight STEM events, and we offer fight instruction to anyone who’s interested in learning. The notion that the “defend the forest” and “Stop Cop City” groups are contributing something more valuable to our community than we do is outrageous. Yet, they seem to think so, given the many thousands of dollars of damage they’ve done to our facility. We intend to keep flying, and are working with the landowner and Dekalb County to return our field to safe status. Also, these forest defenders, so called, have turned the forest into a blighted no-mans land of trash, makeshift hobo camps, trench latrines, burned out vehicles, and, of course, the destroyed remains of our tables and shelters. It looks more like a war zone than a forest. Great job defending.

    I would also like to point out a couple of other groups that are implicated in the activities at the field: the “South River Forest Coalition,” and the “Stop the Swap” groups have both actively campaigned against the land swap, and support a lawsuit that is holding up the swap. This action opened the door for the violent out-of-state domestic terrorists to occupy the land. Questioned directly, each of these groups claim no ties to the protests, but they enable them, at least passively, and the protestors are doing their heavy lifting of property damage and violence against Law Enforcement and Firefighters, and they have threatened us, as mentioned in the article above.Report

    1. BB January 12, 2023 2:50 pm

      Referring to it as a war zone is an accurate statement, but be sure to assign the credit where credit is due: to the police! During the December police raids, DKPD brought in military style SWAT vehicles and other large heavy machinery to extract protestors at gun point and destroy every single bit of their belongings, which was left out in the woods in huge piles of disarray. The officers were heavily armed with assault rifles, using chemical weapons like tear gas and pepper balls against protestors. Then, the heavily armed military style police force has the audacity to claim that protestors are the terrorists. Next door, the Atlanta police foundation wants to build an urban warfare training center to do teach police departments across the southeast how to do more of this counter insurgency style police warfare.
      Protestors built gardens and planted trees, which were also destroyed by police during the raids. Protestors have begun cleaning up the remaining heaps left by police and sorting through to see what is salvageable. They have started to rearrange the chunks of PATH trail torn up by Ryan Millsap to make it more accommodating and have started painting art on the concrete slabs to make it more inviting. I feel that they are doing a great job defending considering they are up against a heavily armed military force. Seems like they’d rather be foraging, gardening and wildlife catching, but it’s hard to do so when they have to deal with violent police repression.Report

  3. Mark C January 11, 2023 9:50 am

    I am not a member of the flying club there, but I have met numerous flyers out there over the years. My wife and I would walk our dogs in the mornings and enjoy the peace and quiet of the park. We found the air field and started talking with those guys over the years. They were happy to take the time out to explain their passion for the hobby. On weekends we would see anywhere from 10 to 20 people out there flying. We even stopped by once while they were cooking out and they invited us to join them. These guys don’t don’t know us except for our daily walks, but they made us feel like one of the group. We miss that and we also miss the guys. But over the past year or so, we noticed a change in the park area. The flyers who would regularly show up and talk with us were no longer there. We noticed a different group of people where now at the airfield. They were taking our pictures and following us. It made us very uncomfortable. So we stopped going on our daily walks. We ran into one of the guys flying his plane one morning and asked him what was going on. He explained about the land swap deal and what he knew about the protesters. He also explained that apparently the new owner of the property had to help relocate the field, as part of the deal with the county. I asked him how that was going and he told me that the upper management of the group was in regular contact with the new owner and that he was very serious about making sure they were going to continue to fly, but the county and the new owner were having a problem locating a suitable area. But they could continue to fly until something was found. One day we showed up and found the clubs building were torn down and the tables, I watched the club members build with their own hands where broken into pieces. Alot of the stuff was piled up at the main entrance to the field. When we did run into someone at the field, they told us that the people in the woods, the protesters wrecked their equipment. This was wrong, very wrong. I started paying more attention to the on goings and realized that these people took over the woods and access to the field. I walked by the main entry point to the entrance of the park and noticed they had a tent at the entrance that was manned by 3 people. I walked by and was asked “could we help you” I told them no and was just enjoying the park. I started down the bike trail and noticed several individuals following me and taking pictures. At this point I decided it was safe for me or my wife to come back. Who do these people think they are? What they appear to be on the surface and what they really are are two different things. They are pure and simple evil. I started looking on the web and noticed they were asking for funding to help save the forest and stop cop city. They were asking for clothes, food and anything else they needed. And people were bringing it to the numerous drop off points they have. So I guess my main question is where is all the money going to? Because these people look aren’t getting it. You have numerous fund raising sites and from what I can tell you have over $100K combined, and you can’t buy soap for the folks in the woods. Is this protest really about the forest or even the cop city thing? I noticed that they claim there is no one in charge, Let’s think about that for a moment. Someone has to direct and approve all their media, someone has to setup go fund me pages, someone controls the social media, someone maintains the database of people they take pictures of, someone over sees the security of the people, someone hired the attorneys, history has shown, every event no matter how large or how small has a leader and those in charge. So I don’t buy that and neither should you. You hide behind code names (and some are actually pretty dumb) you hide your faces, you hide behind the 1st admendment, cause you have a camera in your hand, so that make you a reporter. You threaten the police, and other law enforcement by throwing rocks, wood, even fire bombs. You use the press to make a bogus points. You threaten and destroy peoples property and yet you are a peacefully group. You have incited chaos in the communities, you have scammed other meaningful groups into buying what your smoking. You have made this whole thing into a racist and politicial event. How many of the community groups in the area that you have gotten to join your cause, have recieved any of the funds that you have raised? But you have got them to help fight your alleged fight, but using fear and scare tactics. Another question, I read or heard not really sure, but I would like to know how many of you are actually from Georgia? Another thing of interest, When did the indian tribes you claim occupy this forest or area? I spend a great deal of time looking and found that the tribe of indians you are claiming owned this land where actually from Macon and sold the land before moving into FL. So the more and more you start to ask questions about your protest and your cause, the more and more its beginning to looking like a long con. Give the people who actually live here enjoy what space they have. Go back to wherever you live and improve that area. Let us improve ours. Sorry for the long winded read, but I got started and kept goingReport

    1. BB January 12, 2023 3:04 pm

      funding goes to the high cost of court fees and bond fees for bogus trumped up “domestic terrorism” charges. i won’t argue about the destruction of rc club property, I think it’s wrong too, but no words about Ryan Millsap hiring machine operators to tear up the PATH and gazebo? should be noted here that Millsap isn’t actually on the hook for new infrastructure and he’s currently violating the terms of the land swap anyways. he has no intention of letting rc club stick around or provide a new place for the club. protestors didn’t turn this into a racial or political thing, the county and Millsap did that when they entered into the land swap agreement without public knowledge or consent, and the city of atlanta and the police foundation did that when they ignored 70% of 17 hours of public comment and the 64 community organizations and neighborhood groups in opposition to the police training center.
      anyways, Muscogee indigenous people have been involved, they were able to make their first trip back to their ancestral homeland back in 2021 since they were forced of the land by President Jackson on the Trail of Tears. you can read all about the long sordid history of racial dispossession and environmental degradation here at the Atlanta Community Press Collective website: https://atlantapresscollective.com/category/history/Report

  4. Steven B January 11, 2023 3:02 pm

    This whole situation is very disheartening. I’ve been a member of the Atlanta Radio Control Club for the past three years. I was also previously a member in the early 2000s for approximately five years. Recently back into the hobby, I was enjoying flying regularly until this situation. I also continue to pay club dues even though we don’t have use of our flying field. I pay the club dues mainly due to the fact, I feel so strongly about this great family fun hobby it’s a great way to make a connection with your children and meet friendly people. This hobby is also a great segway into an interest in aviation. I’ve seen it many times. I’ve always wanted to be a pilot and getting back into the hobby has sparked my interest in flying full-scale planes, so much so that I’m scheduled to start pilot lessons in April. Super excited to fulfill a lifelong dream. My son and I would often come on weekends and fly my model aircraft, until being repeatedly interrupted by the protest and protesters. We’ve come to not feel safe at a place where everyone should feel free to come and explore this hobby as well as enjoy the walking paths near the field. I’ve met lots of good people in this hobby and also lots of friendly folks using the walking paths who stop to watch us fly and chat. Last January/February a young kid and his mother had parked their car in front of our locked gate and walked up to the airfield. I unlocked the gate and drove up to the field, I saw he had crashed his new RC plane he’d received for Christmas. I helped him repair the wing and get it back in the air.
    It gave me great pleasure to help this young man and encourage him to Look into Joining the AMA (Academy Of Model Aeronautics) https://www.modelaircraft.org and our club.
    Standing by to see if our field and hobby will survive here.
    Steven BReport

  5. Tom H January 12, 2023 11:51 am

    Why are most of the “Defend Atlanta Forest” (disingenuous name) activists seemingly from places like Brooklyn, Oakland, Seattle and Portland?Report

  6. BB January 12, 2023 2:31 pm

    The narrative put forth in this article conveniently coincides with the Atlanta Police Foundation narrative and it tries to pit the RC club against the protestors when

    both the club and protestors should be aligned in their opposition to private developer Ryan Millsap and the county.

    To be silent in the face of injustice is to be complicit with the oppressor, which in this case is the county that unfairly traded away public land without public knowledge or consent, private developer Ryan Millsap who seeks to profit from stolen public land (which includes the RC club’s airstrip) and the city/police foundation that seeks to deforest the lungs of the city to build an urban warfare training center next door.
    Seems like RC club thinks they’ll get some kind of favor in exchange for not being vocally opposed to the theft of their public land, but this is only works in favor of Ryan Millsap and the county. Millsap hasn’t yet been held accountable for his unlawful acts of destruction so far and is under no obligation to pay for new park features including any new RC club infrastructure. I agree that protestors should not have destroyed RC club tables, canopies, and other property belonging to the club but the RC club continues to be “yessirs” complicit with police, providing additional drone surveillance during raids and allowing the airstrip entrance as a main entry point for destructive machinery. Protestors, forest defenders, and RC club members can resolve their differences if the RC club publicly opposes the illegitimate theft of their public land by Ryan Millsap and Dekalb County and quit holding their breathe for some kind of reward for letting the county and private developers do as they wish without public knowledge or consent.Report

    1. Tom H January 17, 2023 7:03 pm

      Spotted an outside agitator. You are not welcome in Atlanta or Georgia. We see your travel fund and know most of these agitators being arrested are not from Georgia and have never lived there. You are making the situation worse. You are the reason why this is happening. Go home.Report

  7. Brad VP ARC January 14, 2023 5:18 pm

    The above comment defending the protestors is factually incorrect as well as being pejorative towards the RC Club.
    Dec 2022 a judge found there was no legal issue with the swap in an emergency injunction hearing forced by the the river coalition. That question has been asked and answered. For those who don’t know, the land was originally donated by the Blank foundation, a group which, along with the Trust for Public Land in GA. approved the swap It’s legal.
    2. The public had years worth of advance notice, and input via town hall meetings held over the course of the time leading up to the swap. This was stipulated by the Blank foundation. Everyone had their say. Also, let’s examine this notion that a small, violent group should have more impact on what happens here than the rest of us. The Dekalb County commission is an elected body. Our government works on the basis of representation, so they speak for all of us. If you don’t like what they’re doing, vote them out. What’s that, you say you can’t vote on them because you don’t live in Dekalb County? Then go away, it’s not your concern.
    3. The Public Safety facility planned is meant to train LE AND Firefighters, including instruction on how to de-escalate and better training in mental health crisis situations, just the kind of training called for after the death of George Floyd. Learn to take yes for an answer, people. is it that you don’t want LE / Firefighters/ EMT’s to be trained?
    4. The RC club spent years being neutral in this matter. We intentionally took no stand. Now that we’ve spent several years in this situation, I can tell you that Dekalb County, Blackhall, and Ryan Millsap have all treated us fairly, with open communication and transparency. The protestors destroyed our facility and blocked our gate repeatedly. Why would we ever align with this group?
    5. There are two groups who seem to think “public” means only them: the anarchic domestic terrorists in the trees, and a small, vocal, wealthy group of entitled, mostly white people who live 4 miles North of the site. When they say “everyone should have access to the land,” why does that mean “everyone except the RC club?” We are part of the public as well, and we have been careful stewards of the land for decades. Yet, it’s OK to destroy our place because of your “burn it all down” push for anarchy?.
    6. The land in question does NOT contain any particularly valuable species of flora or fauna. Nothing removed there will damage the ecosystem. This is not about the forest. It’s about the Public Safety facility.
    7. The writer of the above comment just called out a club with a is primarily African-American membership yes-men or lackeys. Please bear in mind this racist nonsense when considering the situation.Report

  8. Shawn January 15, 2023 10:20 am

    The RC Club would like to clarify that we are not taking sides in any conflict involving protesters. When approached by Joe Perry and his group, the club decided it was best to remain neutral and take necessary precautions to ensure we had a field to fly at. We also attended public meetings and voiced their opinions as needed. After researching the matter, we found that the deal was legal according to Georgia Law. Furthermore, the “Forest Defenders” were not involved in this issue at the early stages.

    1: RC Club members became aware of the “Forest Defenders” about a year after the conflict began. Two of our members were confronted, threatened and escorted out of the woods while retrieving a plane. I personally reached out to Joe Perry who informed us that he was not involved with the group but would try to help. We were granted permission after speaking to Joe Perry, to retrieve our planes, but had to endure being photographed and followed in the woods. The Club is questioning why they have to contact or call anyone to seek “permission to enter the woods.”

    We also met with severval different people from the “Defenders” group on numerous occasions, but each time the outcome was worse than before. We attempted to reach out to the leadership of the “Defenders” group numerous times to resolve the issue, but were told that there was no leadership and everyone was a “Free Spirit.” We did make an effort to resolve the issue, but its very difficult when there is allegedly no leadership in place. The Club wants to make it clear that they did try to resolve the issue and have the evidence, such as text messages and videos, to support our claims.

    2: We at RC Club would like to stress that they have not provided assistance, permission or authorization for any law enforcement agency or county officials to use our field for drone surveillance, staging area, equipment unloading during, before or after any raids. We also want to make it clear that members of the club who fly drones, specifically quads, have been falsely accused of being Law Enforcement. The club does not own the property and the county and or its rightful owner have access to the entrance at any time, with or without the club’s permission. The club would also like to emphasize that this access has been going on for over 25 years. The club also wants to emphasize that we have attempted to resolve issues with the “Forest Defenders” in the past, but those efforts have been unsuccessful and the time for resolving issues has passed.

    We at the RC Club wants to make it clear that they are not seeking any favors in exchange for not being vocal about the land swap. They have had conversations with the county and Mr. Millsap about the current situation and future, and are comfortable with those discussions. We do not condone threatening people, personal property or equipment. The club does not want to be associated with a group of people who believe that violence is the answer to their issues.Report

  9. Brad ARC VP January 18, 2023 10:56 am

    For those following along at home: 1/18/2023, the defend-the-forest group just shot a GA State Trooper. For people whose primary objection to the Public Safety Facility is that it will lead to violent clashes with police… I guess they really wanted that to happen, so they shot a cop.Report


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