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A Roadmap to Affordable Housing Preservation

By Sara Haas, Sr. Director, Enterprise Community Partners  

Much of the affordable housing in Atlanta is made up of small- and medium-scale multifamily rental properties that are affordable, even though they operate without government subsidies. This type of housing fills a critical and growing demand by providing affordable residences for low- and moderate-income families. If they are not preserved, market demand may drive up rents or their physical condition may deteriorate. Consequently, they may be lost from the available affordable housing stock for good.  

When these homes become unaffordable, already vulnerable low-income families become at risk of displacement. They are forced to move further away from good schools, quality jobs, health care and supportive social networks, and it becomes even more difficult to stabilize and improve their lives.  

A Resource for Owners and Developers 

Tipping the Scale, a small- to medium-scale multifamily preservation toolkit created by Enterprise Community Partners, makes it easier for owners and developers in Atlanta to understand the benefits and opportunities in preserving affordable small- to medium-multifamily housing, as well as to navigate the processes of successfully acquiring and preserving a property.  

The easy-to-use toolkit covers a comprehensive array of instructive topics, including: 

  • Preservation basics 
  • Acquisition recommendations 
  • Financing strategies and models 
  • Negotiation and deal-closing practices 
  • Rehabilitation and repair recommendations   
  • Property management tips for small properties  

Supporting a Preservation Strategy 

State Farm recognizes that preservation of unsubsidized affordable homes is a critical strategy for addressing the needs of low- and moderate-income families and has generously supported the development and deployment of the Tipping the Scale toolkit. 

Sign Up for Webinar Trainings 

With Invest Atlanta, we are delivering a webinar series built off the toolkit. Join our next free webinar training on the rehabilitation of small- and medium-scale multifamily properties, including presentations from local developers and a focus on sustainability of properties as they are rehabilitated.  

Click Here to Register  

The toolkit will be expanded for a national audience in 2022 as part of a series of regional preservation academies to be held throughout the country. During each academy, trainings on the toolkit will be paired with technical assistance, grant funding and access to capital. The Southeast Regional Preservation Academy will be held in 2023.  

For more information, please contact Sara Haas, Southeast senior director, at shaas@enterprisecommunity.org 


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