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American Rescue Plan Act and Affordable Housing

Last week, Governor Brian Kemp announced the distribution of $62 million in awards to Georgia nonprofits to combat housing insecurity and homelessness.

With the growing number of persons facing housing insecurity and homelessness, significant investments are vital to Georgia’s most vulnerable residents. Although we applaud the awarding of these funds to Georgia’s nonprofits (including some Georgia ACT members), Georgia needs long-term, sustained federal, state, and local government, and philanthropic investments for Georgia’s nonprofit affordable housing agencies.

Affordable housing intersects with health, education, the economy and transportation. Stable healthy affordable housing results in healthier outcomes. Children who have stable and affordable housing perform better in schools. Housing that is affordable for all Georgians, results in more available funds for households to spend on other necessities such as food and healthcare. Eliminating “drive until you qualify” results in shorter commute times and a better quality of life for Georgia’s residents.

Funding investments are vital, but these investments should include technical assistance, peer-to-peer sharing of best practices, and advocacy. We must also ensure that the Georgia housing nonprofits located south of Interstate 16, receive equitable investment of funding and resources as well.

Georgia Advancing Communities Together, Inc. will host its 2022 Annual Fall Affordable Housing Conference and Inaugural Awards Program on October 11 and 12, 2022 at Atlanta Metropolitan State University in Atlanta, GA. There is still time to register, and sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information, please visit https://georgiaact.org/2022-annual-fall-affordable-housing-conference/


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