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Are you ready to go Over The Edge?

By Bradley Roberts, Content Manager 

Try to picture this for a second. You’re peering out over an 18-story building — your heart rate increases and the blood rushes to your face as you’re faced with the reality of what sits below you. 

You’re strapped into a harness; the belay device is secured with a carabiner that’s locked into place and your helmet’s strap clicks against the bottom of your chin — a professional has run through the entire process through with you by now. In a few moments, you’re going to descend this building overlooking downtown Atlanta and the corners of Courtland and Edgewood Avenue.

You try to pay attention, but, honestly, it’s just not happening right now. The time is up, though. There’s nothing else for you to do. 

You have to go out and Over The Edge. 

The idea may bring a mix of fear, anxiety or pure excitement for you. People across Atlanta now have the opportunity to go through that experience, and for a good cause, too. 

United Way of Greater Atlanta is hosting a fundraising event that allows donors a chance to rappel the 18-story, historic 100 Edgewood Avenue building in downtown Atlanta. 

You’ve participated in runs, walks, galas and golf tournaments, but now it’s time to try something different.

The event is aptly named “Over The Edge,” and it’s April 29. 

Over The Edge is an organization formed in Canada that goes around the world creating these urban rappelling fundraising events for local nonprofit agencies. From small teams to national organizations, Over The Edge has helped raise millions of dollars to support these causes. Since 2008, they’ve helped nonprofits raise more than $100 million, according to overtheedgeglobal.com.

The event offers a life-changing experience to participants, Director of B2B Marketing at United Way Sara Fleeman says. 

“This organization has rappelled down that wall [100 Edgewood Avenue] before in 2015, and they’ve done several events for Special Olympics Georgia,” Fleeman says. “They’ve decided to work with us. This is perfect for people that like an adrenaline rush.”

According to Over The Edge CEO Paul Griffith, the company started out of his love for adventure sports. 

“Over The Edge [started] to give back to three local nonprofits in Nova Scotia, Canada,” Griffith says on his website. “With a background in adventure sport, I thought it would be fun to invite my friends and the Halifax business community to the roof of the tallest building, charge them $1,000 and get them to climb down it. So, we did, and we raised almost $70,000 for local charities.”

There are 76 open slots for people who would like to go Over The Edge, and there are several different ways you can do that, Fleeman says. 

The first is to raise $1,500. You can solicit funds from family, friends, acquaintances, business partners — but the $1,500 secures your spot. 

The second way to go Over The Edge is to sponsor a spot for $2,500.

You can also raise $2,500 to “Toss Your Boss.” Not literally “toss,” of course, but you can raise the money and force your boss’ hand. They can either succumb to the pressure or match the amount for a total of $5,000 to send anyone they choose in their spot. 

Finally, maybe you’re more comfortable on the ground. You’re secure and “grounded” and want to stay that way — raising $1,500 will make sure you stay on the ground. 

There’s already a lot of interest in the event around Atlanta, Fleeman says. So, act now if you’re interested. 

“People are talking about it, and they are excited about it,” she says. “It’s unique enough and because United Way has so many friends and partners, we’re sure we’re going to make this successful.” 

When you decide to rappel, you can designate the cause for which you want to raise money. 

Rappellers will be raising money to improve overall child well-being in Greater Atlanta, through the cause of their choice:

  • Create stronger readers and ensure all third graders are reading proficiently
  • Ensure our youth are college and career-ready
  • Help families and individuals become more economically stable

On the ground throughout the day, people can come watch some of their favorites rappel and enjoy some food, games and live music — United Way President and CEO Milton J. Little Jr. will be rappelling at 10 a.m. on April 29. 

“I think that this is a really great cause, and it’s a fun way to give back and support our children, families and communities in Greater Atlanta,” Fleeman says. “This is an awesome way to support your cause and help raise awareness.”

Want to raise awareness and rappel a building in Atlanta? Click here.


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