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Atlanta suspends short-term rental licensing penalties until June 1

A screenshot of some short-term rentals available in Atlanta through Airbnb on March 2, the day after a new licensing requirement took effect.

By John Ruch

People listing Atlanta homes as short-term rentals are getting extra time to comply with a new licensing requirement that took effect on March 1.

The City is suspending enforcement of the $500 fine for short-term rental code violations until June 1. That’s an extension of a previous delay to April 1 the City had provided for people to catch up with the new code.

The Atlanta City Council approved the extension on April 18 and enforcement was put on hold pending the vote. District 2 City Councilmember Amir Farokhi, a cosponsor of the extension legislation, said the purpose was to provide more time for compliance as opposed to any specific confusion or issues.

The licensing requirement was approved by the council last year in the wake of controversies surrounding the effect of short-term rentals on quality of life issues and the housing market. Made famous by such companies as Airbnb, short-term rentals are defined as those lasting 30 consecutive days or less.

The City allows an owner or long-term tenant to obtain a short-term license for up to two separate properties, one of which must be their primary residence. The license is good for 12 months and has a $150 annual fee. The license comes with various requirements and restrictions, including an occupancy cap and payment of the hotel-motel tax.

For full details, see the City’s short-term rental licensing webpage.


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