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Atlanta’s housing authority wants COVID-19 vaccines for its senior residents

By Sean Keenan

The city’s public housing authority is exploring the possibility of vaccinating its elderly residents to protect them from the spread of COVID-19 at the agency’s apartment complexes. 

On Tuesday, Atlanta Housing (AH) officials told SaportaReport that they are “working on a plan and partnerships to get as many of our seniors vaccinated as are interested.” 

The effort, though, is still very much in its infancy, and an AH spokeswoman said the agency should have a clearer picture of how the vaccination program could work in a week or so. 

AH CEO Eugene Jones appeared to be mulling the possibility of architecting a vaccine operation after news broke that a small Rhode Island housing authority had begun administering the COVID-19-preventing shots to its residents. 

“What are your thoughts?” Jones tweeted to his few-hundred followers. 

Many of the responses to Jones’ tweet (including the one from this reporter) suggested he “Do it!” “Those most at risk should get the vaccines first,” one Twitter user wrote. “I think it’s a good call.”

Georgia State University urban studies professor Dan Immergluck responded, “Mr. Jones, please do it. Perhaps Morehouse School of Medicine or Emory [University] would be able to help.”

SaportaReport has also requested information about COVID-19 infections at AH properties, and Jones said that information is forthcoming.

(Header image, via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: A microscope’s view of the coronavirus.)


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