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Biden’s eviction ban offers breathing room to hundreds of thousands of Georgians

More than 250,000 Georgia renters have secured a few more weeks of protection from potential displacement, after the Biden Administration on Tuesday enacted an eviction moratorium for communities severely afflicted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies most of Georgia — and all metro Atlanta counties — as at high risk of COVID-19 transmission.

The issuance of a new federal eviction ban will shield most of the 251,700 Georgia renters threatened with eviction until Oct. 3, according to the CDC order.

Read the full story on Atlanta Civic Circle.

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  1. Wileyeugene August 20, 2021 5:35 am

    I think the ban is a good thing, but there are to many jobs not being filled to allow people not to work. If the government is allowing people not to work, they should give appartment owners tax credit to off set the money lost from those apartments, that’s only fair. Second, there should be a deadline for people that have not had anyone in their family that has not caught Covid-19 to get back to work. Third, right now the government should allow people that are disabled to do some kinds of work and make enough to cover the higher costs of everything. I am disabled and I have to report every penny I make and pray I make to much, when there are “normal people ” that are just waiting for another check from the government every other month. If they have a real reason for being scared, they need to change there life if they can or talk to their doctors and find out how to protect themselves and get their life back moving forward.
    I have two reasons for being scared I could caught the virus, and either one of them I have seen on the news that people like me normally don’t make it. But, I learned how to protect myself and my family and I am out trying to keep my life normal, why can’t the rest of this country? Charities, aren’t getting any help from the public, or the government. So, we need to put on our big boy/girl pants and get back to normal. I am seeing signs all over the place needing help. They might not pay more than the Government, but that can’t change when the government sees people wanting to help rebuild this country. Get rid of the Senators that only want to fight anything from the other side of the get people that will work together to build a great nation again.
    I hope everyone will please do your part and work together, in the 50,60,70,80 ect… they might not have done everything right, but they did work together and that was the fastest growing times in our history. If they could do it, you aren’t any better than they were. We stand together or we all fall apart by yourself.
    God bless the U.S.A. Unighted we stand we or we all fall.Report


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