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Buckhead City Committee says it will continue cityhood fight despite legislation’s freeze

A map of the proposed Buckhead City as shown on the website of the Buckhead City Committee, an advocacy group.

By John Ruch

The Buckhead City Committee says it will continue fighting for cityhood this year despite the legislation apparently being dead in the water — and indicated a 2023 battle is coming if necessary.

The BCC acknowledged in a Feb. 12 letter to supporters that Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan and House Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) indicated they will block cityhood legislation this session, but said it is not giving up. The BCC promised more information at a Feb. 16 press conference.

“We are not stopping or slowing down at all,” the statement said in part. “…We will be making a major announcement that Buckhead City is NEVER going away, and we will continue until we are given our right to vote.”

The statement noted Ralston’s comments to the media about wanting progress on the crime concerns that are the political driver of the movement, which included a hint that he could let cityhood legislation revive next session. The BCC interprets that as an opening for saving the legislation either this session or next. The group encouraged its supporters to continue contacting state elected officials.

New Mayor Andre Dickens has not eased the BCC’s crime concerns, the statement said — not surprisingly, as the group declared him fundamentally incompetent even before the election. The statement cites a citywide increase in the homicide rate and the photo-op nature of Dickens’ announcement of a Buckhead mini-precinct for the Atlanta Police Department that was already planned by former Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and is not yet open. The BCC also repeated a claim that APD lacks enough instructors for a new class of police officers, which is based on a news report that APD previously said is untrue.

The BCC had been focused on getting legislative approval for a cityhood referendum on the November ballot, but in its statement the organization shifted the goalposts a bit by noting that other cityhood efforts have taken two General Assembly sessions to win approval. The statement noted that legislation for four Cobb County cityhood proposals recently moved ahead and grumbled, “But they declined to save Buckhead and give us our God-given right to vote.”

While Duncan and Ralston’s ability to control Senate and House legislation is undoubted, it indeed to remains to be seen if and when they will freeze Buckhead cityhood legislation. Nail-in-the-coffin moments would be “Crossover Day” on March 15, when bills must win approval from one of the chambers and move to the other or die, and the end of session on April 4.


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  1. bob February 15, 2022 7:44 pm

    The opening sententace is all the reader needs to reado ascertain the content of the article:

    The Buckhead City Committee says it will continue fighting for cityhood this year despite the legislation apparently being dead in the water — and indicated a 2023 battle is coming if necessary.

    Tenaciously holding on their misplaced enemy, the minority ‘untouchables’ who see & feel the accelerating Gini Coefficient and, not wanting to feel left behind, turn to violent equity. What these seccessionist should be fighting is not the vagrants that they claim are ruining their communities, and warm, 1990s Buckhead feel for their children – making the COMMunity unsafe. This cityhood charade is eaisily diagnosed; This cityhood charade was begun by a gang of realtors; hearing and assimilating the worries of their customers RE: rising crime, and possible uptick in violent crime and roberioes considering the proximity the the reigiomal consumption meccas: Lenox Square & Phipps Plaza. They hatched an idea to increase their wealth using property sales as a way to fale ‘value-added.’

    The property taxes, amalgamated with the sales taxes from the aforementioned consumption meccas, have turned the Zip codes that comprise (a laughably enourmous) ‘Buckhead.’ So, now all thats needed is an uptick in violent crime committed by vagrants who have been trucked in by the out-of-town private police force. I mentioned ‘out-of-town’ for a specific reason, by not having private police that live in the community, the private police take much longer to grow a familiarity with the pace, community flows, cultual mores of the neighborhood that they are patrolling.
    So crime will be allowed to increase for the following year while the private race-thugs get to work cleaning up this overrun neighborhoods of the nouveau riché reltors.. all simultaneousley crying out against socialism, because we are a nation of capitalists, ya! The claim this While convieniently looiong past the fact that their fortunes have been amassed in lockstep with the rate of increase of the federal reserve increasing the M1bmpney spply.

    Whats scary to think is that as credit lent into the system begins to contract, all the people that got wayyyy over teir skis as far as mortgage debt, so as Jerome Powell begins agitations aboit increasing the prime rate there needs to be DeltaSigmaOmegaXiChron Variant to ggive the an excuse to print with impugnity because, you know, the covids – gotta trust the science, right?

    Now that the shoe has dropped about Hiliary spying on the Trump campaign, the next veil to fall may be the covid plandemic, used as a war against an enemey that we cant see – but trust the science, right? How about trusting the statististics of the data being generated, only to realize what a sham covid is, and serves many purposes but one is to devalue our currency to make us weak on a globaltrade plane.Report

  2. Sam LeeAnnUs February 17, 2022 12:26 am

    Bill White should be examined by a psychiatristReport


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