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Buckhead Coalition welcomes Walter Dixon to its team as CID Programs Coordinator

By Jim Durrett, President of The Buckhead Coalition and Executive Director of Buckhead Community Improvement District

If you frequently walk or jog on PATH400, the man in this photo will need no introduction. Walter Dixon has been working with the Buckhead Community Improvement District since the early part of this year, performing the critical task of litter pick-up along the trail, in Charlie Loudermilk Park and along other major corridors in Buckhead. But it’s not just Walter’s hard work that make these areas more pleasant places to be – it’s also his presence. Walter is a warm, outgoing person who has quickly become an unofficial, one-man welcoming committee in our community. That’s why it was an easy decision for us to ask him to join the BCID staff in a full-time position as our programs coordinator.

Walter was introduced to the BCID through Georgia Works!, a program that serves men who have experienced homelessness, addiction, or criminal convictions, and it seeks to help them overcome these challenges to lead productive lives. While they’re in the program, clients receive a stable environment, counseling, employment, and housing. The goal is for clients to work through the program in a year or less and transition to permanent housing and employment upon graduation.

The BCID has partnered with Georgia Works! for several years. Through this partnership, BCID is assigned two or three clients who help with litter pick-up along major corridors within the CID and along PATH400, including at Charlie Loudermilk Park. The clients rotate from time to time, and Walter came to work with us in early 2020. Walter is nearing the end of his time with Georgia Works! and is planning to graduate by November.  

“Walter is one of our ’star students’ at Georgia Works!,” said Darlene Schultz, CEO of Georgia Works! “He has worked hard, has a positive attitude and remained committed to the program and its rules the entire time he has been here.  Walter is graduate number 900 – this program works!  We are so proud of Walter and this life changing accomplishment.” 

During his time working with BCID, Walter has made invaluable contributions. He works hard and has become an informal community ambassador, particularly with the residents along PATH400. We are proud and excited to support Walter as he graduates from the Georgia Works! program and becomes the BCID programs coordinator. In addition to continuing some of his duties related to litter pick-up on PATH400, Walter will help coordinate future clients from Georgia Works!, serve as “eyes on the ground” for issues such as graffiti and maintenance needs, provide handyman services, and continue to serve as an ambassador for the Buckhead Coalition and the BCID.


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  1. Jonna B October 8, 2020 3:18 pm

    Walter is AMAZING and we are so lucky to have him! He is a great addition to the neighborhood. He texted me the other day to ask me if I knew my dog was out front. Great to have someone who cares enough to take the time to do that! He cares about the neighbors and has a great work ethic! Lucky to call him a friend! Glad he is staying on!Report

  2. Maria Saporta October 8, 2020 8:58 pm

    What an inspiring story Jim. Congratulations on helping and rewarding Walter with a full-time position. Sounds as though it’ has worked out for everyone.Report

  3. Dwight Mobley October 10, 2020 2:02 pm

    thats wats up walt continue to keep up the workReport

  4. Meg October 10, 2020 4:07 pm

    Love seeing Walter on the Path!! He brightens my day ☀️🌈 and truly cares! We are lucky to have him looking our for us.Report


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