By Hannah E. Jones

Today, Georgia 400 is a bustling freeway that splits Buckhead’s east and west sides. But local leaders are working on a project — HUB404 — that will transform the area and reconnect Atlanta neighborhoods. HUB404 is a nine-acre, multi-purpose greenspace that will be built above GA 400. 

(L to R) MARTA Assistant General Manager of External Affairs Colleen Kiernan, BCID Executive Director Jim Durrett, Congresswoman Nikema Williams, North Buckhead Civic Association President Robert Patterson and HUB404 Conservancy Executive Director Anthony Rodriguez. (Photo courtesy of HUB404, Buckhead CID.)

On Wednesday, Aug. 30, Congresswoman Nikema Williams presented a $750,000 check to support the HUB404 initiative. The new park will link to MARTA and PATH400, increasing connectivity and the region’s growing trail network.

Plans for the half-mile-long park include a plaza, an amphitheater and walking and biking trails. HUB404 will also host public art and community events.

Williams has been a champion for HUB404, successfully requesting funding for HUB404 to be included in the House’s annual spending bill for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“With HUB404 complete, we’ll reclaim a massive part of our city with a beautiful new greenspace while mitigating environmental damage from highway traffic,” Williams said at the recent celebration at the Buckhead Club. “These are issues that constituents told me are the most important issues facing Atlanta. I’m proud to always invest and partner in solutions.”

A rendering of the bridges over Lenox Road. (Courtesy of HUB404, Buckhead CID.)

The project is spearheaded by the Buckhead CID (BCID) and the HUB404 Conservancy. Engineering of the bridges over Lenox Road is set to begin this year. Next year, the teams will design the remainder of HUB404. From there, construction is expected to begin in 2025 and wrap in 2028.

“If you look out at Lenox Road and Georgia 400, you can’t bike or walk through that interchange without taking your life in your hands,” BCID Executive Director Jim Durrett said. “This is all about making connections. It’s reconnecting Buckhead and making it possible to get around Buckhead without having to get in your car.”

HUB404 Conservancy Executive Director Anthony Rodriguez also stepped up to the podium to highlight the importance of infrastructure projects that respond to the needs of the community.

“Civic infrastructure projects like HUB404, which built trust and connection in our communities, are often seen as nice to have rather than a vital investment,” Rodriguez said. “If we want to build unity in our communities, we must prioritize places that bring us together and create common good and common ground.”

At the end of the program, Williams emphasized that this is just the beginning of a long line of public-private partnerships to increase connectedness throughout the city.

“We can’t stop with just one park connecting communities,” Williams said. “We have to make sure that we’re intentional about the work that we’re doing and that we’re growing the infrastructure and greenspace that connects our neighborhoods to transportation — that’s the great equalizer.” 

To learn more about HUB404, click here.

Hannah Jones is a Georgia State University graduate, with a major in journalism and minor in public policy. She began studying journalism in high school and has since served as a reporter and editor for...

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  1. This is great news! I don’t want to hate Buckhead; it’s got some nice places, but it is so densely traffic-oriented and packed, I can’t wait to get out when I visit. It’s absolutely terrible for walking, and all the building are clearly built in a way so as to discourage walking. This is a big step; looking forward to utilizing it. Maybe I’ll stay in Buckhead a bit longer next time!

  2. This is incredible news, growing up on Lenox Road in the 90’s and constantly being on my bicycle this simple and logical amelioration will absolutely increase connections, in every sense of the word and make childhood memories for all the expecting mothers I see around here!

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