Tax reform in the time of crypto currencies

Here’s a startling and largely unreported development which tells us a lot, indirectly, about what’s going down this week in Washington on tax reform. This year, investors have put more money into the initial offerings for crypto currencies than they have into all the initial public offerings for U.S. companies that came onto the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ.

For Atlantic Coast states, sea level politics are rising fast

Climate change is a global problem, but for the states of the Atlantic Coast, the rising sea level is a particular problem. But the politics around the issue still teeter on a seesaw between the willingness to ignore the problem and the urgency of finding a way to pay for the solution.

Last week, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster became the latest in a rising tide of politicians united in their denial of, well, the rising tide.

Orthodoxy is the easy way in early governor’s race forums

Over the past week or so both the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor have met to air their differences, and it should come as a surprise to no one that they don’t have many.

Sure, the two Staceys jabbed at each other over a couple of points and all the Republican challengers accused their better known rivals of being career politicians, But the overriding impression from this first pair of encounters is that both parties have grown settled in their respective orthodoxies, with very little way for candidates to break new ground.