Americans show intense desire to be ‘finished with it’

Our voting system isn’t rigged, it’s jerry-rigged. This election year, with its shadowy suggestions of Russian dirty tricks, its last-minute court rulings concerning ballot access in North Carolina, and those malfunctioning voting machines, has outlined what amounts to one of this country’s great infrastructural failures in this century.

The debate that didn’t go there

We’ve now had the first debate between the Democratic and Republican candidates for president on the serious issues facing our country. So first, let’s talk about Gennifer Flowers.
She matters, because throughout his campaign for president, Donald Trump has in various ways tantalized audiences with the expectation that when he finally got on a debate stage with the woman some of his younger supporters have hated all their lives, he would “go there.” He didn’t.

Are we better off? It’s complicated

As Donald Trump observed a dozen years ago, “It just seems the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.” There was fresh evidence last week, that this was not the Republican presidential nominee’s most outlandish statement on record.

When dynasties collide on the presidential stage

The Mercers are important people, but most Americans hadn’t heard of them before Rebekah Mercer pulled off what amounts to a fire-sale takeover of the Trump presidential campaign. The Mercers highlight one of the dominant features of this campaign: the rise importance of non-traditional family dynasties.