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In this inaugural week, we have not yet come down where we ought to be

is week in a normal year, legislators across the country would be getting committee assignments and their first look at the calendars for this year’s sessions. This year the calendars have a lot of wait-and-see in them. National Guard units have been called out to protect the capitols in at least 21 states. Police are on alert from Montgomery to Montpelier.

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Sheep in wolves’ clothing head up the docket in riot’s aftermath, as the real wolves lurk

By Tom Baxter Who were those rioters who so unceremoniously ripped Georgia’s stunning election off the top of front pages last week? Watching them on television from the safety of the White House, President Donald Trump is said to have complained that the Capitol invaders looked “low-class,” although he was thrilled by what they were […]

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Anybody seen Gina Haspel? Long post-election stirs an appetite for alternative facts

Unless you’re among the select few who really know what’s going on, you may never have heard of the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, or Executive Order 13848, or Scytl. You may not know that CIA Director Gina Haspel was killed last month in a U.S. Special Forces raid in Frankfurt, Germany, which retrieved a server used to control the Dominion voting machines in the U.S. presidential election. Or maybe she was just wounded. Or arrested, and singing like a bird about the global conspiracy to throw the election.

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Between Trump and Trumpism, Georgia Republicans trace a narrow path

You just have to wonder where Sonny Perdue’s shiny bald head is at these days. It was the secretary of agriculture and his former chief of staff Nick Ayers, you will recall, who came to President Donald Trump before the 2016 Georgia Republican primary for governor and convinced him to endorse Brian Kemp. “I did that for Sonny Perdue,” Trump would later say.

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CARES, like COVID-19, has widened the gap between rich and poor, old and young

hen Congress inserted a provision which allowed retirees to postpone taking the required minimum withdrawals from their 401(k)s this year, it seemed at first half-wink like a thoughtful gesture to older Americans. In retrospect, it looks like a microcosm of everything Washington has done wrong in its response to the economic challenges posed by the pandemic.