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Community Foundation CEO outlines aspirations for 2022

By Frank Fernandez, president and CEO, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

2022 brings change and a new focus for the Community Foundation. Three words summarize my aspirations for 2022: impact, together and momentum. 


As an organization, we strive for meaningful impact that addresses metro Atlanta’s greatest challenges. 


We aim to work together with all of our stakeholders to drive impact and transformation. 


And, I feel great momentum from the hard impactful work we’ve done together over the last two years that is defining our future strategic direction.

We recently launched our five-year strategic plan, TogetherATL, that charts this path forward. We examined deeply and reflected on what we could do to tackle our region’s greatest challenges – namely, what we could do to build greater equity and shared prosperity for all of our neighbors. Our grant programs and other initiatives support a wide range of efforts, from funding small and mid-sized arts organizations to scholarships that provide access to post-secondary education for our region’s students. 

Two current initiatives exemplify our focus on building equity. One is a partnership with Southern Poverty Law Center called Vote Your Voice. This ongoing effort drives civic participation and engagement, and strives to ensure that all eligible Georgians maintain the right to vote and to have their voices heard. A second focus area centers on addressing the growing issue of affordable housing. We look forward to rolling-up-our-sleeves along with Mayor Dickens’ administration and others across our great region to bring together a coalition of our donors and other partners to address one of the biggest challenges facing individuals and families in our community. And those are just two examples of the momentum that drives our team in 2022. 

You will see a Community Foundation that lifts up the most important element in our name – community. Community is at the center of everything that we do, from how we make grants, to the organizations we grant to and how we partner with our community to drive the change our stakeholders want to see. 

See my full thoughts in a recent video, here.


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