By Community Foundation staff

When students across Georgia start class next week, they’ll accumulate more than knowledge; many of them will also accumulate debt.

Americans collectively owe an estimated $1.75 trillion in student debt. Georgians owe an average of $40,268 per person in student loans—higher than the national average. Collectively, Georgians collectively owe $66 billion in student debt.

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta is pleased to announce a Student Loan Debt Pilot Program to help tackle student loan debt in our region. Rooted in our TogetherATL strategic priorities of Place-Based Philanthropy and Income and Wealth Systems Change, the Student Loan Debt Pilot Program aims to create a more equitable region and shared prosperity for all residents.

Watch the video to hear our nonprofit partners from On the Rise Financial Center and The Scholarship Academy talk about the lifelong negative impacts of student loan debt.

YouTube video

If you hold student loan debt and would like to apply for this program, click here to set up a profile and access the application. If you’re a donor seeking to support community members who hold student loan debt, please contact the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Philanthropy team.

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