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Consumers – Data confirms Optimal Time to Buy

The Metro Atlanta Housing Market has entered a rare phase in normal housing cycles. Gradual diminishing benefit generally follows after this point is reached.

Current housing data confirms housing prices are on the rise, inventory is significantly reduced, and historically low mortgage rates although slightly higher are still available. The down side risk of single family home devaluation is now gone and you can maximize your mortgage dollar at historical low rates. If you are waiting 45 – 90 days to close, do not wait call us 770-279-0222 and close in 8 days.

I am an advocate of the “American Dream”, home ownership, and understand our country’s tax code rewards those that own homes with mortgage interest tax deductions and the itemization of other expenses once certain levels are obtained. Being a home owner facilitates all the benefits of being a citizen of our great country.

At Southeast Mortgage, August 2012 confirmed the high demand for home mortgages and housing in Georgia. Now is the time to act on any housing needs you may have been considering. Although we have reached an optimal point and a rare alignment of events, owning your home and meeting your families housing needs no matter the rate or home price should be in the forefront. During my 25 years in this business and in banking, I have not seen a more favorable alignment for consumers.

Since 1993, Southeast Mortgage has provided competent advice and great service to our clients. Keeping our clients informed of historical events that benefit them is part of our fiduciary duty as their life cycle lender. Our client’s are our passion.

If you do not have a Realtor, please call us at Southeast Mortgage and we will refer you to one of our fantastic Real Estate Agent Partners in your area. Call 770-279-0222 or email [email protected]


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