By Cheryl Kortemeier, Executive Director, Corporate Volunteer Council

Atlanta is a great place to do business. Companies of all sizes enjoy our generous tax incentives, talented and diverse workforce, and easy access to other markets thanks to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Their employees appreciate Atlanta’s affordability as compared to other major metropolitan areas as well as our temperate weather, rich history, and vibrant music and sports scenes. 

But sadly, not all Atlantans are thriving. For several years, Metro Atlanta has had the highest income inequality in the nation (Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative, Racial Wealth Gap). High rates of poverty influence a myriad of social challenges including homelessness, hunger, lack of quality child and elder care, inadequate healthcare, transportation gaps, and more. Many, if not all, of these issues are rooted in decades of systemic racism throughout the South.

Fortunately, many Atlanta business leaders understand our regional challenges and wake up each day with the intention of not only doing well but also doing good. These corporate social responsibility (CSR) practitioners know that companies must listen to community needs and desires and thoughtfully leverage human and capital resources to support meaningful action. These civic leaders regularly convene thanks to the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) of Atlanta. 

Since 1992, the CVC has supported member companies to deliver business results through their strategic commitment to civic engagement and social impact. The CVC provides a forum where members learn and share leading practices for corporate community engagement and social impact. Atlanta’s CVC is the only organization in the nation to be recognized three times as “CVC of the Year” by global volunteerism champion, Points of Light (did someone mention that “Atlanta Influences Everything?”).

CVC President Imara Canady recently reflected, “Having worked with many of Atlanta’s great mayors and now as CVC Board President, I have continuously witnessed CSR professionals leading the way to bring great ideas that impact our city to fruition. This is personified by initiatives like Atlanta’s Promise, the mayor’s Youth Scholarship Program, One Atlanta Initiative, Year of the Youth, Westside Future Fund, or the development of affordable housing across our city.” He continued, “When our city has witnessed some of its most challenging times, it’s the leadership of CSR professionals that has provided the guidance for how corporate Atlanta should respond.”

Employers are in a unique position to organize skilled volunteers and contribute dollars and resources to make Atlanta a more equitable city where everyone can realize their dreams. If your business doesn’t know where to begin, the CVC can help! In the months ahead, members of the CVC and I look forward to highlighting stories of corporate and community collaboration that are making a meaningful difference. We hope you will join the conversation.

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The Corporate Volunteer Council of Atlanta (CVC) supports member companies to deliver business results through their strategic commitment to social impact and civic engagement. Since 1992, the CVC has...

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