By Nandi Edouard, founder and CEO, The Simple Vue Academy

There is an urgent case to be made that we must intervene in young people’s lives and provide them with innovative educational experiences that prepare them for real-world challenges they may face after high school. As a native of Cobb County, I’ve seen families in our community embark on entrepreneurship, experiencing both success and struggles, even my own. Entrepreneurship requires creative thinking, critical thinking, effort and discipline—skills and values that are often overlooked in traditional schools. If families have the understanding of entrepreneurship from a younger age, they can achieve incredible success. That’s why The Simple Vue Academy (TSVA) was born. 

The Simple Vue Academy is a proposed 6-12 charter school, with a mission to provide students with a STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading/Writing, Arts, and Mathematics)-based education, emphasizing entrepreneurship and financial literacy. This innovative educational approach aims to create a sustainable pathway to entrepreneurship by equipping scholars with the skills, knowledge and support needed to thrive in their chosen communities. We are committed not only to providing a STREAM-based education and emphasizing entrepreneurship and financial literacy but to increasing economic mobility for the metro Atlanta community, as well. Because we recognize the challenges economically disadvantaged students in the region face, our mission is to address these disparities and create a sustainable pathway to college, career entrepreneurship and beyond.

To ensure that TSVA’s efforts align with the needs and aspirations of the community, our team has actively engaged in extensive community outreach over the past year. We have organized focus groups, community events and surveys involving over 400 stakeholders to gain insights and feedback. This inclusive approach ensures that community voice is heard and considered in shaping the academy’s programs and initiatives. We’ve learned that the next generation needs the confidence, knowledge and skills to thrive in an evolving region. We recognize entrepreneurship as a key driver of economic mobility, particularly for disadvantaged groups, and we aim to bridge this gap by providing an entrepreneurial education that imparts real-world skills.

At the core of TSVA’s educational approach are three values: Voice, Ubuntu and Empowerment. By placing student voice and choice at the center of our classrooms, the academy empowers students to become self-directed learners, exploring their passions and contributing their ideas and opinions to the decision-making processes and curriculum development. Adopting a two-generational approach, TSVA focuses on the whole family to create a legacy of educational success and economic prosperity that transcends generations. We welcome all families to the school community, celebrating their diverse cultures, seeking their input on the curriculum and valuing their perspectives in collaboration with board members, school leaders and teachers. 

Empowerment is another fundamental value we uphold. Students are encouraged to develop a strong sense of self-confidence, allowing them to explore and choose their own paths while making informed decisions. By offering exploration and choice, the Academy supports students in solving problems, meeting needs and creating meaningful impact through their ideas, products, and services.

With our innovative educational model, TSVA addresses the specific needs of the metro Atlanta community. By actively seeking input and emphasizing collaboration, we tailor our design to students’ requirements. Through STREAM education, entrepreneurship and real-world skills, we’re preparing students to create their futures and make a positive difference. With support from organizations like the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, we’re increasing economic mobility and creating a brighter future for all.

To learn more about The Simple Vue Academy or how you can support our vision, visit The Simple VUE Academy | Seeing Pathways Clearly.

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