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Dave Matthews Supports Raphael Warnock in ‘Get Out The Vote’ Rally

By Megan Anderson

You could spot both Raphael Warnock campaign merch and Dave Matthews Band t-shirts sprinkled throughout the long crowds of people lined up to be let into the Coca-Cola Roxy doors on Monday evening. 

Dave Matthews, the singer-songwriter from the Dave Matthews Band, joined U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock’s “Get Out The Vote” rally in the midst of the current run-off election against Herschel Walker. Matthews shared that he had been a long-time admirer of Warnock, and wanted to be a part of his campaign in some way. “Then we got this extension,” Matthews joked. 

Warnock had one goal for the audience that evening. “I didn’t get you to come here to vote,” he said. “I got you to come here to convince someone else to vote.” 

Matthews reiterated that message: ““No vote is also a vote—you are giving away your power,” he said.

A “One More Time, Georgia” message was displayed largely on the screen as Matthews performed an intimate, acoustic set including his most philanthropic-fueled tunes like “Mercy.” The crowd felt united and warm as the lyrics “one by one we could turn it around” echoed throughout the venue. 

“This isn’t about Republican, Democrat, right or left…” Warnock stated, “This is about right and wrong.” 

Early voting continues throughout this week. Click here to find your early voting location or vote on Election Day, Dec. 6, at your designated voting location. 

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