Date and time:
Start: February 26, 2021, 3:00 PM EST
End: February 26, 2021, 4:00 PM EST
Location: Via Zoom

Dentons’ Public Policy practice is excited to invite you and your colleagues to the next edition of Dentons Dialogue: a series of dynamic conversations breaking down front burner policy issues around the US.

Join us for our upcoming segment, where members of Dentons’ Public Policy and Energy practices will discuss the latest policy developments surrounding smart cities and infrastructure.

Our experienced speakers, also leaders in Dentons’ Global Smart Cities & Connected Communities Think Tank, will share their unique perspectives and examine the practical implications and considerations for businesses going forward.


  • Michael E. Drobac | Principal, Public Policy (Washington, DC)
  • Jennifer Morrissey | Counsel, Energy and Co-Editor in Chief of Dentons Global Smart Cities & Connected Communities Think Tank (Washington, DC)
  • Michael Nutter | Former Mayor of Philadelphia and Senior Advisor, Public Policy (Washington, DC)
  • Clint Vince | Chair of Dentons US Energy Practice, Co-chair of Dentons Global Energy Sector, and Co-chair of the Dentons Global Smart Cities & Connected Communities Think Tank (Washington, DC)
  • Gregory S. Walden | Partner, Public Policy (Washington, DC)


  • Eric J. Tanenblatt | Global Chair, Public Policy and Regulation (Atlanta/Washington, DC)


Dentions Dialogue: US Policy Perspectives

Launched by Dentons’ Public Policy practice, Dentons Dialogue provides fast-paced perspectives that combine policy viewpoints with practical implications to keep clients up-to-speed on key sectors and issues.

Dentons Dialogue follows the release of our annual US Policy Scan report, a clear, comprehensive and reader-friendly view of what US public policy will look like in 2021 and the people who will be driving change.

Join us for our upcoming Dentons Dialogue policy segments.

3/5/20213 – 4 pm ETFinancial Services and Housing

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Global Smart Cities & Connected Communities Think Tank

The Dentons Global Smart Cities & Connected Communities Think Tank is comprised of more than 500 legal, business, academic and policy thought leaders from all segments of the economy. Think Tank members can advise public and private stakeholders from start to finish on virtually all aspects of a Smart Cities and Connected Communities program. There is an Editorial Board producing thought pieces, newsletters, and industry and policy insights. The Think Tank hosts roundtables for members to exchange information on a global scale on innovations, challenges and best practices related to modernization of digital, physical and social infrastructure. For more information, please contact

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